Considering Consideration

It's amazing what you can tell about somebody from how they buy glasses. My wife recently updated her glasses, and because she works for an optometrist, she has a certain "free" budget. Her coworkers were encouraging her to get some pretty, expensive ones, but she refused. She knew that we were on a tight budget, … Continue reading Considering Consideration

Well-Timed Encouragement

I got some good encouragement right when I needed it yesterday. I was reading my Bible (yes, it's one of those posts) and I've been going through the Psalms and read number 121, verses 1 and 2. I will lift my eyes up to the hills--From whence comes my help? My help comes from the … Continue reading Well-Timed Encouragement

When Rich People Get Bored

I just read an article on that kind of made my jaw drop in a mix of awe and a teeny bit of disgust/jealousy. Here's the article: It talks about how they're making a toilet that heats itself, washes your bum, and dries it. There's also a shower that remembers your preferred heat settings … Continue reading When Rich People Get Bored