Volunteer for Payment?

I overheard something disappointing today.

Our church had a special event, and as such, needed some volunteers to help out. Well, several came and helped, but their attitude was not in it. Some people were getting frustrated because they felt that, since they were working, they ought to get special seats for the conference, or other special services.

Let me look up the word “Volunteer” real quick…here it is: a person who works without being paid.

Simple as.

The whole point of being a volunteer is that you do it for free. You’re not trying to get money, special treatment, or special services of any sort. That would be WORK, not VOLUNTEERING. If you work for a church, you should get paid, and paid a fair wage at that. But if you enlist as a volunteer, a willing helper, then that’s what you are: a helper.

A volunteer works with no expectation of any return on their part. It’s a service  to OTHERS. The work you do during that time is to benefit somebody besides yourself, so why are you seeking something in return? That’s not a servant’s heart, that’s a selfish heart, and in a church, it’s really sad to see.

Jesus said he came not to be served, but to serve, and encouraged others to do the same. (Matthew 20: 25-28) Jesus didn’t do this work so that he would get a paycheck; he was dirt broke. He didn’t multiply the fish and bread so he could make a nice lunch for himself, it was for thousands of others. He didn’t wash the disciples’ feet because he loved dirty feet that much! And he certainly didn’t die for any benefit of his own. Everything Jesus did was for others because he was a servant.

So, I encourage you: serve without expecting something in return. Service is for their benefit, not yours.

Who can you serve today?

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