The Wasp Racist

So, I'm watering a bunch of plants at the Botanical Garden when this wasp flies up to me and says "Bzzt--zzt-zzt--Bzt?" I said, "Yeah, it's back the way you came," while cocking my 50-calibur can of raid. "We don't take kindly to yer type around these parts." This boy was smart enough to flitter off … Continue reading The Wasp Racist

Christian Freakouts! The GAE COOKEEEZ!

Oreo cookies supported gay pride. Oh...wait...what? A cookie company supported...I...didn't know they supported stuff. Are the Keebler elves Republicans now, too? Whether right or wrong, this was some weird news to see. But the picture of the Oreo with the seven rainbow cream fillings looked DELICIOUS. I heard this on the Phillip de Franco show … Continue reading Christian Freakouts! The GAE COOKEEEZ!