Christian Freakouts! The GAE COOKEEEZ!

Oreo cookies supported gay pride. Oh…wait…what? A cookie company supported…I…didn’t know they supported stuff. Are the Keebler elves Republicans now, too? Whether right or wrong, this was some weird news to see.

But the picture of the Oreo with the seven rainbow cream fillings looked DELICIOUS.

I heard this on the Phillip de Franco show on Youtube and he showcased several Twitter feeds of…*sigh*…idiot Christians. So, in response, I started this little series called “Christian Freakouts.” Once more, I am a Christian and love it, but my people can go bonkers sometimes…okay, lots of times. So, whenever I see one, I’ll showcase it here, just for funzies!

Christians around the world are freaking out about Oreo supporting gay pride, and I can see why. The Bible says its wrong, Christians follow the Bible, so if A=B and B=C, then A=C. Several wise Christians probably shook their heads, may have said “this is wrong,” but otherwise moved on with their lives, possibly Oreo-free (a horrendous existence).

On the internet, however…

Man, people get dumb on the net! It’s like a big toilet for word vomit.

Christians around the globe exploded with hatred. I remember seeing one Twitter feed on the Phillip de Franco show where a man just rambled about how all the gays should go to their island and how Oreo is evil now because they “support Gayism.” Didn’t know that was a word…anywho, people are also saying it’s a sin to eat Oreos now and all kinds of stuff you never thought you’d hear. Cookies are evil, apparently.

True, the Bible says homosexuality is a sin, but I wish Christians would stop treating it like a penultimate sin, the One Sin to Rule Them All.

My response to everyone is just calm yo’ self right on down, now! Whether buying Oreos is now right or wrong, I’ll be honest, I don’t have a hardcore answer. On one hand, it’s just a cookie, but I can still see people not wanting to support Oreo because it goes against their beliefs. But whether Oreos should be eaten with glee or tossed in the trash is not the issue: the issue is the reaction of Christians.

Christians show their true colors in their reactions. Explosive, hateful outbursts show an angry, judgmental heart. Cowering and side-switching show the weak faith and Christian walk. But a calm, cool response, whether in favor or against, shows patience and respect. Why can’t we seem to get that?

There are times for Christians to get up and shout and fight. Cookies are not a good reason to do so. And even if they were, telling all the gays to go live on an island and die off is NOT Christianity.

Jesus didn’t tell all the sinners to go away. He sat with them, walked with them, and ate with them (he would have loved Oreos). Have an opinion, stick to your guns, wear your Christianity with pride, but never forget that Jesus died for the homosexuals as much as he died for you.

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