Tips for Motivation to Praise

I didn't feel like spending time with God today. That's been one of my biggest problems lately: spiritual depth. I want to go deeper, but that desire quickly fades and I do something else instead. My problem is a love problem: I say I want to go deeper, but I don't want to spend the … Continue reading Tips for Motivation to Praise

10 Things I Wish America Understood

There are lots of things I love and hate about this country. True, the good outweighs the bad. For example, I can complain about my issues with the government right here without fear of being black-bagged and killed like "V for Vendetta." Everyone knows America has problems and everybody vouches for their favorite issue: healthcare, … Continue reading 10 Things I Wish America Understood

My Versatile Blogger Award

Well, good grief, this is fun to see! I got nominated for the Very Versatile Blogger Award TWICE in one week! Thank you so much to Introspections During Quiet Time and Unsatiated Expectations for their generous nominations. I'd encourage everyone to check out both of their blogs as they have some good posts, sometimes quite funny! Already … Continue reading My Versatile Blogger Award