For my Wife of Two Years

Today, I celebrate two years with my lovely wife. Two years isn’t that long (even in today’s society), but it’s long enough to have plenty of trials. In fact, we just recently overcame one or two emotional milestones that will unlock a few good things in our future.

Sometimes it’s a struggle, often it’s a joy, always it is good. So for today, I wanted to share a little something I wrote for her not too long ago, but first, let me give you the context.

When my wife and I first kissed, it was like a movie. When I opened my eyes again, the whole world was blurry, but she was still in focus. Thus, the theme of my little poem to the woman with whom I plan to spend the rest of my life.

“All Else Fades”

 Lips lock.

Breathe in.

Let songbirds sing;

Let love begin.

Breathe again.

I start to sway.

Your face grows clearer,

All else fades away.

Sizzle and stir,

Smoke and steam.

Spices and herbs,

A savory dream.

The plates are set out

In a colorful display

Of aromatic bliss.

All else fades away.

When you stand before the beauty

Of this world, or so it’s called,

The dogs donning diamonds

Of the men they’ve enthralled.

Your eyes hold their shine,

their penetrating ray.

Lips curve into a smile,

And all else fades away.

Oh, the smile, ah, the laugh,

That melodious cry!

Be it trumpetous roar

Or a piccolo sigh.

When the tongue sings the song

Of a child’s heart at play,

Joy overwhelms

And all else fades away.

 Lines and shades,

The scene is unfurled.

Nimble fingers breathe life

To a barren, white world.

Captivated by creation

That defies the decay.

Graphite comes alive,

And all else fades away.

Deadlines and quotas,

Like a busy, buzzing bee.

You stay my frantic hand,

And whisper to me,

“All is done, all is ready,

I have emptied your day.”

I have peace. I have rest.

All else fades away.

Blistering pain.

Paralyzing fear.

Riddled with bullets.

You draw me near.

By your silken shield,

The dark is at bay.

Tender quiet.

All else fades away.

When my soul has been spilt,

When my eyes have run dry,

When my blood has been emptied,

When I sleep in the sty,

You curl beside me.

I quietly say,

“Though I’ve nothing, I have you,

For all else fades away.”

Beautiful her and little ol’ me.
Happy anniversary, love.

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