My Very Inspiring Blogger Award

I got hit with a double whammy today in a good way.

Two people nominated me for two awards and I’m ever so grateful! I’ll be talking about one award in this post and another in the next.

The first one I got was the Very Inspiring Blogger Award from Saint in Training. Thank you so much to her for nominating me for this! I haven’t been blogging long and this is exciting to see!

Now, apparently there are some rules for this, so I’m going to post them here:

1. Display the award logo somewhere in the blog (check)

2. Link back to the person who nominated you (see above)

3. State seven things about yourself (see below)

4. Nominate 15 other bloggers with links to their blogs (also below)

5. Notify those bloggers of their nomination and the award’s requirements


1. Whenever I can’t find somebody I just saw a second ago, my first reaction is “I missed the rapture.”

2. I published a novel, which is in paperback and e-book form and here’s the link:

3. I can’t spel.

4. I’m considering becoming a marriage/family counselor because I believe hundreds of problems can be avoided if there is a good, solid home base.

5. I nearly died last February when my car slid down an icy road and off a steep, wooded bluff. The car stopped just before going over and I put on the parking break, but then I had a sudden thought: I need to get out of this car NOW. I literally jumped out as the car began to roll and just avoided some serious pain. My car was stopped by four small trees perfectly positioned to catch it and AAA got it out for free. God was with me, all right!

6. I don’t feel too ashamed of this because I’ve already posted about it once, but I’m a mostly-recovered porn addict. I got into it around age 12 or so and only recently did I finally fight to get out. Through God’s grace, I’ve made leaps and bounds to healing by dealing with old wounds and altering current habits.

7. If I watch a movie or TV show that gets me pumped or just inspires me, I have to IMMEDIATELY go listen to music because when I do, my brain goes into overdrive and starts planning out fiction ideas. My wife has come to accept this.


1. Idiot-Prufs:  This guy always gets me to laugh until it hurts. Every time he posts, I know I’m going to have a good time.

2. Adventures in Faith and Art.  A Christian blogger who has a very unique grasp of scripture, by that I mean he’s good at weaving Christianity and artwork and showing us how they are one and the same.

3. Quit Playing Church. Another Christian who sees the holes in today’s church and speaks against them.

4. Timon’s Opus. A booksmith who knows the power of the written word.

5. Mindful Stew. This guy actually gives me some hope for the future of society.

6. Mybroom. A Christian guy answering one question every day. Talk about topical!

7. Jiwan Dhaliwal. An extremely inspiration blogger who knows how to dig into the heart of the matter.

8. LiveandlaughwithJesus. Just plain good Christian blog.

9. A Sojourner’s Voice. Christian blog by someone who knows their life is a story and wants it to be a good one.

10. Katieajennings.  A self-published author who makes me want to keep writing.

11. Christian Mihai. Another self-publisher who gives tons of great advice on writing and publishing.

12. The Poet on Fire. A constant blogger who dreams up little ditties every day.

13. DearChristianCounselor. As the title states, a Christian who is also a mental health counselor with some good insights.

14. Chief of the Least. A humble Christian blogger with good insights.

15. Planted by his Stream. One more Christian blogger who uses life to teach.

So, that’s my stuff! I’m very happy to have this opportunity and I thank all of my followers for tuning in! My next post will be for another award nomination and then I’ll be back on target. Thanks!

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