My Versatile Blogger Award

Well, good grief, this is fun to see!

I got nominated for the Very Versatile Blogger Award TWICE in one week! Thank you so much to Introspections During Quiet Time and Unsatiated Expectations for their generous nominations. I’d encourage everyone to check out both of their blogs as they have some good posts, sometimes quite funny!

Already these two awards are generating a few more followers and comments for me and I’m very grateful to both of them, as well as everyone who stops in to say “hi” on my page.

Now for the rules…

1. Show the award (check)

2. Thank/advertise those who nominated you (were you reading?)

3. 7 random things about yourself (see below)

4. List the rules (check within a check oooh)

5. Pass the award onto 15 others and alert them (you’ll see)


1. I wrote a book! It’s in paperback and e-format and here’s the link:

2. I learned the hard way why it’s important to prop a rifle against your shoulder if you’re looking through as scope. Ouch…

3. I write my own video game guides because I’m a major dork and an organized nutjob.

4. I hate the Legend of Zelda series ESPECIALLY Ocarina of Time, the Halo Series, the Call of Duty series, pretty much any first-person shooter, I couldn’t play Assassin’s Creed because the controls were horrible, and I never played the Fallout games, but I watched my friend and it looked SUPER boring.

5. I got over my fear of asking girls out by asking out a belly dancer at a middle-eastern bar. After that, it was remarkably easy to ask out a girl who was actually IN my league.

6. I have a great creative interest. I’ve had many plans pop up in my head, including novels, short stories, non-fiction books, book series, TV, movies, cartoons, musicals, songs, comic books, and video games and while I’d like to see them all come to life, most will probably die with me. Still, it’s fun to dream!

7. I was raised in a Christian home, but only became serious when my girlfriend of two years ignored, neglected, toyed with, cheated on, and then lied to me. Then, SHE dumped ME. It showed me how co-dependent I was and how little I’d included God in my relationship, or most aspects of my life. After that, I got serious and started growing. God filled me with bravery to come out of my shell and make friends, to be responsible and mature, and generally raised me from boy to man.



Okay, you know what? I just did another award where I had to give out 15 names, so I’m a little dried up on resources. Besides that, while I follow many good blogs, I don’t know all that many that are “Versatile,” so instead, I’m going to include a few below that truly fit that definition in my book. Quality over quantity, you know.

1. Kloipy Speaks. This guy is a good writer who does a lot of posts about family, some movie reviews, some music posts, some photography, and some general ramblings. His best pieces are those about his family because you can just see his heart dripping onto the page.

2. The Amateur Astrophysicist. Another guy who dabbles in some family pieces that reflect his ideas on life, as well as a good deal of humor.

3. I Broke My Glasses Again. This is a blogger who found time to write about life and laughter while also going to school. That’s talented.

4. Second Lunch. This awesome blog does a lot of work with illustrations, sometimes weaving them into posts, other times making them the whole post. With animation, you can do a whole lot.

5. The Surfing Pizza. This is a rather random blogger, the last three posts being about yard sales, creativity with legos, and freezer pops, but each one is excellent. I highly recommend the lego one, it’s not only clever, but rather inspiring.

That’s really all I have at the moment, but I’m finding new followers all the time.

Thanks to all of you who read and do life with me. I really appreciate your continued support.

-Mike B. (Supashmo)

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