Thanks, Thoughts, and Th-Th-…Questions.

[Insert picture of my doing a happy internet is being stupid] This is just a quick post for all my thoughts pertaining to being Freshly Pressed. First off, THANK YOU! All of you, the editors who picked my article, the people who read it, the ones who liked it, the new followers, and my … Continue reading Thanks, Thoughts, and Th-Th-…Questions.


With Halloween coming up, I've been flipping through a lot of Christian blogs, which are talking about whether or not the holiday is okay for Christians to celebrate. The answer is a resounding "HALLOWEEN IS AN EVIL SATAN MUSLIM HOLIDAY WHERE BABIES ARE RITUALLY ABORTED TO THE TUNE OF RECORDS PLAYED BACKWARDS!!" Yeah, kind of … Continue reading CHRISTIAN FREAKOUTS!–Hallow(SATAN!)een

Not Just No, but the Yes as Well as the No.

We Christians love to tell people "No." Whether it's sex, body piercings, Harry Potter books, or the occasional, appropriate Family Guy reference. And let's be honest. Saying "No," feels good! It makes you feel in charge. I mean look at the Genie in Aladdin. First thing he did when he as free? Looked Aladdin in the eye and … Continue reading Not Just No, but the Yes as Well as the No.

Why America Isn’t Free (And Why It’s Better That Way)

Never has a word needed more definition without receiving any: freedom. Boy, do we fight for freedom in this country--as we should! Speech, religion, voting rights, working rights, marriage rights, and these are just the ones on the radar recently! We love our freedoms and our rights and we will fight tooth and claw for … Continue reading Why America Isn’t Free (And Why It’s Better That Way)