Thanks, Thoughts, and Th-Th-…Questions.

[Insert picture of my doing a happy dance…my internet is being stupid]

This is just a quick post for all my thoughts pertaining to being Freshly Pressed.

First off, THANK YOU! All of you, the editors who picked my article, the people who read it, the ones who liked it, the new followers, and my personal favorite, the comments. I don’t know why, I just like seeing them.

To my new followers: welcome! I had just 52 a couple days ago, and as of today, I hit 100 exactly, so AWESOME! Thank you so much for hopping aboard this crazy train and I hope that we can be friends! I will be sorting through my new followers and checking out their sites. While I may not get to all of you, I’ll certainly try.

I was pretty darn excited that this particular post was picked. For my new followers, I do a number of posts. Usually, I do a Christian post early in the week and a random one later in the week. There’s a reason for that, but it’s long, so see my post “Changing my name and a few other things” in the archives.

The point is, I always thought one of my secular posts would get picked because those topics are more PC and popular. I never thought that one would, but God works in funny ways. It was a lot of fun to see a Christian post on the FP wall and to know that I had written it.

That’s one of the greatest things about this: I’m doing what I wanted to do with my Christian posts. Already, I’ve seen atheists comment on my blogs agreeing with me, even before the FP. And now I see that I can touch Christians and assist them on their journey.

But thought I use the word “I” a lot, I know it’s not really me. It’s all God. I dedicated this blog to him, not as an evangelical page, but because God called me to be a writer, and I wanted to practice writing until he needed me, so that when he did, I’d be ready. It’s much like David learned how to kill Goliath because he was faithful protecting his sheep with the same sling. When God called him, David was ready. So thank you, Lord Jesus, for this opportunity; I don’t take it lightly.

To those of you who commented, but didn’t agree with me on one point or another, thank you as well. I like opening up dialogues and I like reaching a broader audience. Christians and non-Christians alike are welcome on my site, but please play nice, everybody.

Finally, I have a question.

I like to talk about a lot of Christian issues, but they just come to me. Having 100+ followers is a joy, but it’s also a responsibility and an opportunity.

Is there anything pressing on your hearts? Any issues you feel need to be dealt with? Any questions you have? If enough people mention something, or a particular response so stirs me, I’ll certainly addressed it.

However, I know that the election is coming, but I’m hesitant to do political pieces. Why? Because everybody else does them and I’m really not informed enough to say much. Still, if it’s on your heart or you have a question, feel free to say something.

That is all. Thank you much, I love your faces, and I hope we can have some fun together for a long time.

8 thoughts on “Thanks, Thoughts, and Th-Th-…Questions.

  1. “God works in funny ways.” Amen!

    Hey, I’d like to take you up on your proposal. I would very much like for you to write about your thoughts on modern dating vs. biblical dating. I’m a new Christian and I’m seeing a guy from church. If you could just write about what you think is the right attitude towards the opposite sex or the love prospect or the whole relationship thing, that’d be really helpful. 🙂


  2. I’m enjoying following your blog!
    One thing that i would love to see you post about (I am a Christian) that has always bothered me, is how Jesus seems always to be “rebuking” either his disciples or the Pharisees, telling people they’re wrong, sometimes painting a slight grim picture with plenty of “gnashing of teeth”…but often he is portrayed and preached about as a very loving, kind, understanding person/God. I just have never been able to match up what I read in the Bible to what my pastors are telling me he’s like. Sometimes I feel that I respond better to Paul’s letters and words, than to the gospels.
    Just a thought…


    1. Perhaps that can be a follow-up to my Not-just-no-but-yes-also post, showing that Jesus isn’t saying “Go do everything,” showing the balance of Justice and Mercy. I’ll chalk that one up. Thanks!


  3. Whether you are writing on Christian themes or secular ones, I appreciate that your blog expresses your Christian world-view. I hope it will be a place for an open and respectful exchange of ideas by many.


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