A Less-Lame Thanksgiving Post

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First off, Happy Thanksgiving to those of you so bored by the festivities that you’re actually reading my blog. Much love!

Well, you know what most of us bloggers are doing around this time: the same thing EVERYBODY IN THE ENTIRE BLEEDING WORLD IS DOING!!! Asking you what you’re thankful for.

And yes, it’s Thanksgiving, so we should stop and reflect on all that, but when everybody and their mother says it, it gets boring and forced. Why? Because everybody says the same thing: Thankful for my family, job, spouse, food, country, whatever. Again, all well and good, but it gets repetitive.

So I thought I’d shake things up just a tiny bit!

In the comments, tell me something truly trivial that you’re thankful for. Something stupid and meaningless. Just for fun!


  • Halo 4 is out! WHOOOO!!
  • My basketball team won (yes, this IS trivial)!
  • The turkey doesn’t suck this year!
  • McDonalds is open 24 hours!
  • Nutella!
  • The Doctor Who Christmas Special is coming up!
  • I have a belly button!
  • Drove 20 miles over the speed limit for half an hour, didn’t get caught!
  • I pooped. It was awesome!
  • I finally learned the real words to the Macarena!
  • George Lucas can’t hurt Star Wars anymore!

I’ll let you guys come up with some more. Leave two or three in the comments and let’s all laugh together, eh?

…ah, okay, you can throw in one or two that’s genuine, but try to make it original.


I do have a serious one: I opened my fridge the other day and it was crammed full. I actually marveled at how much food we have and asked myself, “How many people won’t even see this much food in a month, much less all at once? Heck, how many times has this very fridge been darn near empty?” I may not have everything I want, but I’ve never gone hungry, so how can I truly complain?


Little Caesars is only $5 for a large pizza and that makes me happy.

Twinkies may be fading away, but Oatmeal Cream Pies are still here.

I found a new spot to make a lot of easy money on Final Fantasy 13…what? Money’s hard to get in that game!

What about you guys?

5 thoughts on “A Less-Lame Thanksgiving Post

  1. Dairy Queen’s Blizzard, all burgers with bacon and barbecue sauce and Kellogg’s Corn Pops. Yeah, basically food. And good books!

    On a serious note, I’m thankful everyone I love woke up today.


  2. Persona 4 Golden came out, and even though I’m holding off getting it for finals, I know it’s waiting for me!

    I’m also thankful that my wonderful Sister and Mother are braving Black Friday for me, even when I was a super grump this morning.



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