Scared to Dream

You know how when somebody pokes at a sore spot on your body, your first instinct is to punch them, even if you don't really want to? That's why I wanted to punch Mark Batterson for writing his book, The Circle Maker. Now, like I said, I don't really want to punch Mark Batterson. He's a … Continue reading Scared to Dream

Christian Dating Advice Finale–Get Advice!

"So...your advice to me is to get advice?" Yeah, pretty much. And no, this isn't a shameless advert for my blog. Titus 2: 3-8 instructs that older, more mature Christians should instruct the younger ones. Proverbs is an entire book about seeking wisdom and does so in the format of a teacher instructing his or … Continue reading Christian Dating Advice Finale–Get Advice!

CHRISTIAN FREAKOUTS! Christmas!…Wait, Christmas? Really?

Some people just don't want to enjoy their own holiday. This "Freakout" is a little lighter because pretty much every Christian gets behind Christmas (except for weird Charlie with his adamant exegesis that baby Jesus was born in June). Still, there are one or two complains that I felt like addressing because I'm unemployed and … Continue reading CHRISTIAN FREAKOUTS! Christmas!…Wait, Christmas? Really?

Christian Dating Part 7–How do I know they’re the ONE?

So, up until this point, I've basically been writing about what to do BEFORE you're dating. Now I seem to be jumping into WHEN you're dating. Why? First, this tip can be used before you meet them, too. Second, everyone and their brother gives dating advice like talk openly, learn to have fun together, don't … Continue reading Christian Dating Part 7–How do I know they’re the ONE?


It’s quiet, too quiet. What’s happened to sound? It is hushed, it was hushed when the flesh hit the ground. No noise of loud toys, no play-pony’s hoofbeat. No clatter, no patter of wee little feet. The hustle, the bustle, the creaks of the chairs, The stomping, the tromping, of sneakers on stairs, The singing … Continue reading Hushed

Christian Dating Part 5: Pray for Them Before you Meet Them

This part is mostly for the single people, but the dating and married can glean some good advice, too. I watched Seven Brides for Seven Brothers the other day, and I think all single people can learn a thing or two from the first song. Bless your beautiful hide Wherever you may be.  We ain't met … Continue reading Christian Dating Part 5: Pray for Them Before you Meet Them