Missing the Point

This is another one of those posts where I stand in the crossfire of Christians and non-Christians, speaking to both of them. Christians and non-Christians are often shooting at each other and every now and then I like to walk down the middle of the firing line and say, “Uh, you’re both wrong.”

In just about every single issue of debate between Christians and non-Christians, I’m seeing people miss the point on both sides. One side says this is right because of X. The other side says it’s wrong because of Y. I say they’re both mistaken and the real reason is Z. Let me give some examples.

Example A.

Non Christian: Sex with anybody is okay because it’s your body and you’re free to love anybody.

Me: Actually, that’s not true.

Christian: He’s right! Sex with anybody is not okay because sex is wrong.

Me: Um…don’t you have five kids?

Example B.

Christian: God is going to punish America!

Me: No, he’s not.

Non-Christian: He’s right. God doesn’t exist.

Me: *facepalm*

Obviously, I’m dealing in some extremes, but first of all, the extremists scream the loudest. Second of all, these are more common than you’d think! In fact, most every day, I see a Christian or non-Christian using faulty logic to fight each other. It’s like we’re charging a rapist not because he raped, but because he had a bag of pot on him while he did it. You’re missing the point!

Here are a few misconceptions I’d like to clear up.

  • Homosexuality is wrong because it destroys marriage. So, if they don’t marry, it’s okay? Actually, it’s wrong because God designed us a certain way and acting otherwise says we’re smarter than God. Marriage is secondary.
  • Abortion is okay because it’s my body and I can do what I want. “My…I…I”…and God is where in this equation?
  • Illegal Immigration is wrong because they’re taking our jeeeeerbs! Actually it’s a matter of God-planted authority, but I’ll let you say jeeeerbs again!
  • Good people go to heaven. It’s not about being good, it’s about pleasing the Gatekeeper.
  • I do good things to get into Heaven. Then your heart hasn’t changed; it’s still about you.
  • I’m a good Christian because I go to church, pay my tithe, and do community service. Non-Christians can do that. What’s truly different about you?
  • Animal Cruelty is wrong because animals are just like us. God specifically made mankind different from animals.
  • Animal Cruelty is okay because they’re not like us. God specifically told us to take care of his creation. 
  • Take care of the environment because we’re going to destroy the Earth! Actually, all evidence would have me believe that it’ll kill us long before we kill it.
  • The environment doesn’t matter. Again, God specifically told us to take care of his creation. 
  • Guns are bad because they kill people. Then we should outlaw kitchen knives, power outlets, and cars.
  • I have a right to my guns. Is your security in God or guns?
  • The Government should take care of me. Wouldn’t you rather lean on God, who is much more able?
  • The Government should stay out of my life. And who made you in charge? Didn’t God plant you under authority?
  • We should become just like everybody else to avoid offending anybody. God is offensive. Period.
  • We should isolate ourselves because the world isn’t Christian. Jesus didn’t do that.
  • These people are destroying Christianity! Do you really think they’re more powerful than God?
  • Science is right because all evidence says it is. Science is right because God made it so.
  • Science is evil. God created the world. What’s wrong with studying it?
  • I can say whatever I want because I have free speech. Aren’t you supposed to be an advocate of love?
  • I can say whatever I want because I’m a Christian and I’m right. Aren’t you supposed to be an advocate of love?
  • I can marry as many people as I want. Funny, God says otherwise.
  • Open marriage is wrong because think of the children! Think of God first. 
  • I’m right. But are you Godly about it?

Do you see what I’m getting at? People keep making arguments with human logic, leaving God out of every reason. With the non-Christians, I actually understand; they don’t live their life according to the laws of God, so why should they consider Him? But the Christians? What’s their excuse!

If something is wrong, it’s because it’s contrary to God. If something is right, it’s because it’s in line with God. It’s. That. Simple. The details may get a little foggy, but the base point must be God. What does He think and why? After all, He’s the ultimate judge and ruler, so He should get to decide what’s right or wrong.

“But they don’t believe in God!” I’ll be doing another blog post next week about that issue, but for now, I want to leave you thinking about what is right or wrong. If you’re a Christian, I especially want you to consider this question: what does God say and WHY?

5 thoughts on “Missing the Point

  1. I liked this post. I will leave you with a thought. Often times the reasons that Christians make bad arguments in these cases is because they allow the nonbelievers to set the point under discussion. As one example, unbelievers use the word homosexual as a noun describing who someone is, Christians consider homosexual and adjective describing what someone does. As soon as Christians start using homosexual as a noun, they have lost the argument because they have accepted the unbelievers premise that one’s sexuality defines who one is.


  2. Honestly? Your problem is still simple: No evidence whatsoever for your god’s existence. You only have a book – which can be read in many, many ways. Your way is one and it’s exactly as valid as any other one. It may be fun to argue about the wishes of your invisible friend, but it leads nowhere, sorry.


  3. Uh huh. Maybe sometimes people are turned off by Christianity because of our emphasis on standards, instead of the reason we have the standards – to please and glorify God. As always, it boils down to a heart thing; we react the way we do because our sole motive should be to please God (often hard, is it not?). You’ve articulated some awesome points here.

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