Christian Dating Part 6: Get Out There!

This is a quick post because it’s really a simple matter.

If you want to find Mr. Right or Ms. Special, get off your butt and go find them!

A lot of Christians think it’s wise to stay perfectly still and wait for God to do something. There’s some truth in waiting for God’s perfect will, but here’s the kicker: you know enough to get moving. Mr. Man is not going to come strolling up to your house on his white stallion. Ms. Woman is not going to descend from the sky, fold back her wings, and fall right into your arms.

Live your life, go to work, go to school, go to church, go to Yoga, whatever you go. That’s where you’re going to find that special person: out in the world.

Rebecca became Isaac’s wife by doing her normal chores and choosing to be kind to a stranger, too. Jacob met Rachel by working for her dad. Ruth met Boaz while looking for food and Boaz met Ruth while doing his normal job. Only one man in the Bible just woke up and found a woman, and that was Adam. I doubt God is going to tell you to take a nap and make a wife out of your rib.

Where is that perfect someone? In the world, just like you should be.

I’m not saying to become desperate, thoroughly inspecting every man or woman. That’s just creepy. I’m simply saying go about your life and keep your eyes peeled. It’s okay to be looking, in fact, I encourage it! But don’t be so obsessed with finding your future spouse that you neglect the work God has already told you to do. 

Don’t sit around waiting for them to just walk right up to you and don’t become desperate. God will bring them to you, but He also wants you to get up so that He can bring you to them.

4 thoughts on “Christian Dating Part 6: Get Out There!

  1. Well said. In the Sermon on the Mount, Jesus said that God knows our needs like food, clothing and yes, a spouse. But He tells us to seek first His kingdom and these things will be added to us. So if you want a spouse, the first thing to do is serve God’s kingdom wholeheartedly. Then, be on the look-out for the person God sends to be your helpmeet. A relationship based on serving God has an infinitely more stable foundation than any other!


  2. Uh, Michael, how long since you were single? Sorry, but this is one area where you are unqualified to give advice. If you’re an over 40 single woman your chances of winning the Power Ball lottery are about as good as finding a Christian husband.

    Bachelors don’t go to church after their early twenties. And the guys online just want free hookers and think women over forty “owe” them pro bono services for honoring decrepit spinsters with a MacDonald’s happy meal between serious dates.


    1. I’m not sure what you mean. My point was that you’re not likely to find a spouse by sitting around waiting for them to somehow find you. This post wasn’t to say that if you search for someone you’re guaranteed to find them.

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