Book Review–Truth’s Blood

As some of you may remember, I offered to edit/critique/review written works that people sent to me. One fellow took advantage of this and asked me to review his book, so I did and I put my review on Amazon. But I got the idea to start advertising the books I review, putting them on … Continue reading Book Review–Truth’s Blood

Hypocrisy or Wholeness?

For the two of you who care, I took a second hiatus because I had a mission's trip in Guatemala. Yes, it was cool, no I probably won't be blogging about it. Why not? EVERYBODY does that. So I'm back on the radar ready to write like mad again because when I'm writing, I don't … Continue reading Hypocrisy or Wholeness?

10 Things I Want to See in the Next Final Fantasy Game

I love me some Final Fantasy.  Maybe it's the gameplay, maybe it's the world of monsters, maybe it's the emphasis on story, but these RPGs are among the best. However, there are some things that just plain suck. I've played a number of Final Fantasy Games and I'm starting to see some trends that I … Continue reading 10 Things I Want to See in the Next Final Fantasy Game