Many Thanks and Shoutouts

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I’m long overdue on a number of “Thank-You”s so I thought I’d take a minute to do so.

First of all, special thanks to Alison at Reflections: Or a Mirror of Life for nominating me as a Very Inspiring Blogger. It means a lot and I completely forgot to say thanks! Thank you, Alison, for the nomination. Everyone, be sure to check our her site, too. It’s a Christian blog that’s inspiring, bookish, nerdy, practical, clever, funny, and one of my favorites. Enjoy!

Now, part of accepting that award is nominating others, well, I’ll get to that in a bit, so stay tuned for more awesomeness!

I read through my 2012 stats page like most of you and I was very pleased with the results. I started this blog in May and in 7 months, I got into my groove, made over 80 posts, got nearly 5,000 views, changed my name, acquired 140 followers, and even made the Freshly-Pressed page.

Apparently, my top posts, besides the Freshly-Pressed on, were the ones about 10 Anime Tropes that Need to Die and 10 Stupid Things Christians Do. Odd way to sum me up, but I think it works.

Back to the thank-yous! THANK YOU EVERYBODY. You came from 90 different countries and I thank you for your time, for visiting, following, and especially commenting. I know followers are bigger deals than comments, but I enjoy the comments more than just getting a follower because it enables dialogue between me and you, and I love you!

SPECIAL THANKS…to my biggest commenters:

  • I’ve already mentioned Alison at Reflections:Or a Mirror of Life–
  • Idiotprufs, one of my running favorite blogs because I always, always, ALWAYS laugh and laugh hard.–
  • Sacred Struggler, a fellow Christian blogger who isn’t afraid to admit her struggles and speak out against the hypocrisies of the church at large.–
  • A Three-Word Story, another Christian who was kind enough to reblog a couple times and keep the conversation going.
  • Kloipy–one of my oldest followers, who does reviews, pictures, and more both here on WordPress and his other site, which you can find on his blog.–

Thank you all once again, and now I leave you with some more awesome people doing awesome things.

  • Lexie Dache–Another strong Christian blogger. Read her runner post, it’s a good metaphor.
  • Simply Sex(uality)–Pardon my language, but I love the balls on this one. It talks about sex and sexuality through a Christian lens, and that’s WAY more interesting than it sounds. It’s actually one of my favorite topics 😀
  • AsktheBigot–Embracing the insult, this woman takes a strong stand in terms of homosexuality, the church, and the love Christians should be living out.
  • Benjamin Blue–Finally, a guy! Another “Christian radical” (I’m apparently drawn to such people), he challenges the childishness of many mature Christians. He’s brusque, but true, and his best works relate video games to Christianity. Atta boy!
  • Daniel Koeker–a writer and bookworm who likes to give a lot of good thoughs about writing. His posts are simple, sweet, and a joy to read.
  • Introspections during Quiet Time–Another fun blog with some cool insights with an oddly powerful charm about them. Read some of his work and you’ll see what I mean. They can get pretty deep, and I love a writer who isn’t afraid to be vulnerable.

Love and donuts!

4 thoughts on “Many Thanks and Shoutouts

  1. Thanks so much! Appreciate the extremely kind words, but I could echo them back. Wish you all the best as you continue your writing adventure – I have learned and agreed with much; excited to read more. 🙂


  2. Thanks for the mention! Too kind. And I’m glad I’ve been following you for a while. I’m happy to say I did it before it was cool. 8D Though I suppose it was always cool. Hmm. You know what I mean. >.>;


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