God is Wreck-It Ralph

"God's not into remodeling. he's into demo and start over." --Shawn Craig (PCD) When Pastor Craig said that, my brain stopped for a minute (a common thing, that). We always picture God as the creator, the life-giver, the grower, the Fix-It Felix in a world of Wreck-It Ralphs. And yet, the concept of God being a … Continue reading God is Wreck-It Ralph


I've never been one to idolize superstars. There has never been a movie star, musician, or any other celebrity that I've gone absolutely gaga over. As a matter of fact, I'm the kind of guy that rolls my eyes when I see fans weeping over the loss of their idol. It's always bugged me, people … Continue reading Carman

10 Tips for the Unemployed/Underemployed Christian

I've been unemployed for about two months now, without stead work for even longer. Being unemployed is about as fun as finding a scorpion in your shoe and I'm betting you agree. There's a feeling of entrapment, sometimes desperation, trying to earn a living. But with unemployment around 8% according to the NY Times,  and that's just in … Continue reading 10 Tips for the Unemployed/Underemployed Christian