Segregated Shopping…for Jesus!

I was at a pink/blue party with some Christian friends. If you don’t know, pink/blue parties are gatherings where a pregnant couple reveals the sex of the baby because phone calls aren’t enough anymore, apparently.

Anywho, my buddy knows I’m unemployed and told me that Home Depot was hiring a whole lot of new people for the spring season. Another one of our friends heard it and spoke up, saying that Home Depot was one of the places that homosexuals were supporting. “I don’t even go there anymore,” he said.

It’s an interesting thing to face these conundrums. The Right Wing in me says, “Gays are wrong RAAAH!” But the Left Wing in me says, “Grow up, you homophobe!” I’ve learned that when I come across a conflict of belief, I need to settle it ASAP, so I pondered the matter over roast beef and fruit salad (terrible combination, by the way). The answer came pretty quickly, as it’s one I’ve learned before.

So, Gay sin is apparently worse than other sin, now?

Why do Christians say homosexuality is wrong? Because it’s icky? Or because it’s a sin? Sin, of course. My BROTHER is icky and he’s straight (barely)! So, now that we have that established, let’s look at something else.

All sin is equal. Murder equals candy theft, prostitution equals slapping somebody, bank robbery equals watching Here Comes Honey Boo-Boo. All bad. How is this possible? Murder is way worse than stealing some Kit-Kats! Yes, but only on a human level. In God’s eyes, sin is sin is sin. Any tiny sin separates us from God, that’s why you can’t get legalistic with “lesser sin” and “greater sin” in terms of God’s approval. He loathes ALL sin, ever teeny tiny one. Why? Because it separates us from him and he wants nothing between us.

So, if all sin is equal, we as Christians have no right to say that homosexuality is the sin to end all sins.

This person at the party didn’t want to go to Home Depot because gays supported it. From what we said earlier, that can be translated to sinners support the Home Depot, therefore he will not shop there. You see how ridiculous that is?

Sinners support all kinds of stuff, good and bad. Sinners shop at Hobby Lobby and Chick-fil-A, for goodness sake. If you don’t want to go to a business that sinners support, you need to stop shopping. A, because they’re everywhere. B, because YOU are a sinner. You have done no better than the homosexuals because you are a sinner, too. We all sin, and perhaps the Christian does so less (or is supposed to), but even then, every little sin provokes God’s wrath.

That’s the beauty of the cross. It wipes away ALL sin–Kit-Kat theft, murder, even that horrid, abominable, icky sin called homosexuality. Because God sees them all equally and abolished them all equally with Jesus’s blood.

My point? Shop with the gay people; they’re not worse a people than you are. Home Depot isn’t selling gay products, and if they are, they’ve SEVERELY deviated from their original stock!

Heh-heh. Wood.
Heh-heh. Wood.

5 thoughts on “Segregated Shopping…for Jesus!

    1. Romans 6:23 says ‘that the wages of sin is death.”
      There is no discrepancy there. It doesn’t say “homosexuality leads to death, but murder leads to a time-out.” Yes, sins have different Earthly consequences, but that wasn’t my point. My point was sin, any sin keeps us from God and needs to be dealt with.


  1. Ha, this is beautiful. Love it. Picking and choosing is a part of humanity though, I guess. There are plenty of things that count as sin, but some people pay more attention to some than others. It’s just weird when companies get in on it. There was that whole thing where everyone was either boycotting or eating at CFA because of their stance on the evil gays. I can understanding not wanting to financially support a place that has views you don’t agree with, but… like you said, if you put it into perspective, that’s a LOT of places you can’t go anymore.

    There are certain places I won’t go for reasons like that, but I can’t boycott every place that has weird practices! Like, I don’t like how Denny’s is handling the Obamacare thing, but when I go there I tip the waitstaff very well. That way THEY get the money (because they are the ones who need it) and not as much the company itself.

    But back to the point… I like your take on sin and how people deal with it and deal with each other as a result.


  2. I was telling someone this weekend that I no longer shopped at JC Penney for the same reason – their support of a political agenda. I agree with you about how sin is sin is sin and divides us from God, but if we are never at the same place as people we disagree with, how can we love on them like Jesus would have done, or how He would through us today?

    We, as believers, are the Church and if we are honest, the church will represent the community and it’s the sick who are in need of a doctor, not those who think they are well. We are all sick and in need of “Dr. Savior” to heal us from our sins, sins effects, and wrong mindsets. Since we all need healing, we certainly don’t want to exclude someone who may be different from us because they sin differently than I do.

    I do think that sometimes, it helps let the higher ups know how their customer base feels about issues when there is a response. And that usually means if they get hit in the pocketbook or threatened with a law suit, then they are likely to listen.

    It’s unfortunate that the political agenda being pushed by a few has a loud enough voice to change policy. I guess that is why I like voting. My vote counts as much as yours. And I can use my voice in the same way.

    Meanwhile, I don’t want to refuse to befriend someone whose lifestyle is different from mine. If that were my policy, I would have no friends at all! And I thank God for my friends – no matter their sexuality or political or eating or exercise or church preferences.


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