Christian Debate in Five Seconds (Starring Children)

My wife leads the four-year-olds at our church and witnessed the following darkly hilarious look at Christian debate. During a review segment, the kids were asked to guess who "this person" was. The prompt was, "I created the whole world in one week." One little boy immediately answered, "God!" A second boy chimed in, "Jesus!" … Continue reading Christian Debate in Five Seconds (Starring Children)

What If…?

As of this writing, the US Supreme Court has not yet reached a decision on whether or not homosexual marriage should be a thing. I think it's fair to say the US is holding its breath on this one. Christians are one of the biggest groups anxiously awaiting the answer. And I think it's passed … Continue reading What If…?

The Frayed Edges

Westboro Baptist. Prosperity Gospel-ists. Seventh-Day Adventists. Post-Millennial/Pre-Millennial Tribulationists. Calvinists. Armenians. The-ark-of-the-covenant-was-actually-purple church. Okay, I made up that last one, but it's no sillier than the others. Every one of them is some sort of Christian extreme. And that was only a handful. There are extremist sects of Christianity everywhere, and they're all defining themselves by … Continue reading The Frayed Edges

Do Christians Have a Right to Defend Themselves?

I wanted a friendly discussion of a topic (that could not possibly get political) that we don't really discuss--at least, not in the right way. Do Christians, under the New Testament covenant, have the right to defend themselves? And I'm talking physically, violently, even. As in, if someone breaks into your house with a gun, do … Continue reading Do Christians Have a Right to Defend Themselves?