Yesterday, Today, and Maybe Tomorrow

This should be post 100, then! Yay, me! And funnily enough, tomorrow is my birthday. I’m turning 25, and as you likely know, birthdays make you a little reflective. It’s a good time to stop and ask, am I where I wanted to be? Am I going where I want to go? So, yeah, this is a bit of an update post, but since I have 160 followers, 160 people should “like” or comment, riiiiiiiiiight?

YESTERDAY–Where I’ve come from

  • Drifted through the first 20-ish years of my life, trying to make up for lost time and live my life.
  • Wrote a novel that ended up with me losing $600, learning from my experiences.
  • I felt like God wanted me to write, but did not give me an assignment, so I started writing  this blog to keep the craft fresh.
  • Freshly-Pressed in November 2012.
  • Slowly gained 160 followers.
  • Started following bloggers and met a lot of really cool writers and people.

TODAY–Here’s what’s going on in the now.

  • Still trying to figure out my niche. I like theology, but also have a passion for Christian art and entertainment. I like to bring a Christian perspective into the word “fun.” 
  • I’m doing free critiquing/editing/proofreading. If you want in, email me at
  • Working on a novella series for e-books and eventually paperback volumes of three.
  • “10 Stupid Things Christians Do” has been one of my most popular posts ever. I want to expand them and make them into a book. I hope I can reach 100. Do you have any additions?
  • I found a weird way to journal that I want to recommend. John Eldredge mentioned how it helps a Christian to think mythically, like we’re part of some big story (because we are). So, I started recording everything like some epic fantasy that changes every day. I wrote in another post how I felt God calling me Cyrano de Bergerac, like the story character, so I named myself as such. My mother-in-law is a chemist, so she’s an alchemist in my story. My brother is mischievous and musical, so he’s a faun. It’s a stupid amount of fun and helps me see everything in a different light.

TOMORROW–Here’s where I want to go in the future. 

  • I want to expand my marketing abilities for this blog, utilize social media better and such.
  • I’d like to interact more with my audience, too, but that’s proving to be tricky. I need to study this.
  • I’m probably going to buy my own WordPress domain very soon because a serious blogger should and all that. I’ll call it
  • Eventually, my ultimate dream is my own website, expanding this blog into a much larger beast with a number of writers talking about a number of topics.
  • Aside from the books I’ve already mentioned, I have a number of novel or nonfiction stories I’d like to write.


  • Meet you guys some more. I want to start conversations and see what you may be writing outside of your blogs. Let’s network.
  • Expand to more social media, starting with Pinterest and perhaps Twitter. I already do Facebook. 
  • Buy my own domain.
  • Hone in on my niche and write the crap out of it.
  • Finish “100 Stupid Things Christians Do” and perhaps show you guys.
  • Introduce you all to The Locke Hart Chronicles, my Christian fiction series with violence, magic, and atheism.
  • Get a job. This isn’t blogging, I just really want a job.

Twenty-Five is a landmark, I think, a quarter-century. There are a lot of places I want to go, and a lot of dreams I want to see come true. For now, I’m going to focus on those writing goals for this year and keep cranking out posts whether you read them or not. These are the stepping stones, and for those of you who regularly read, follow, and especially comment, thank you for all your time, and thank you for taking this journey with me.

Thoughts? Suggestions? Candy?

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