What If…?

gay marriage

As of this writing, the US Supreme Court has not yet reached a decision on whether or not homosexual marriage should be a thing. I think it’s fair to say the US is holding its breath on this one.

Christians are one of the biggest groups anxiously awaiting the answer. And I think it’s passed through every Christian’s mind…”What if they legalize it? What do we do then?”

We move on.

I, for one, plan to shrug my shoulders, nod once or twice, and keep on being Christian. Despite popular Christian belief, gays getting married will not rain down fire, blood, and scorpion-unicorns (those suckers HURT).

First of all, if you want to argue about God’s definition of marriage, we have a lot more to worry about than homosexuals! Legal marriage and Biblical marriage have been separate for…for…good grief, hundreds of years! I mean, the Bible gave one, maybe two acceptable reasons for divorce. The court gave us seventy-ten. The Bible outline marriage as an unshakable foundation in God. Who has God in their marriage anymore, even among Christians?

Here is a fellow blogger’s article that goes into a little more detail on this point.

Second of all, do you know what gay people will do if they are denied marriage equality? Flip their gay switch into the “off” position? I’m about 102% certain that they’ll keep being gay/bi/trans/kittens. A lot of Christians live as though marriage makes people more gay, like a rainbow patch or something. If they are denied marriage, the homosexual community will keep being homosexuals. And if the Christians lose the fight, then they should keep on being Christians.

Third, Paul said we must submit to our governments in Romans 13:1, and Peter echoes it in 1 Peter 2:13. Jesus respected his governing authority and submitted to them. And they lived under Roman rule! They lived by the mercy of a single ruler, whether he was Abe Lincoln of Jigsaw. Flagrant prostitution, the coliseum, I’m pretty sure these guys had a much more corrupt government than ours. I don’t know if gay marriage was legal, but everybody screwed around anyway!

And yet, Jesus completely ignored politics and focused on people instead, because that’s how you change the world: love, not law. (Romans 8:3)

Do I wish the country was more Godly? Of course. But it’s not. Even if gay marriage was forbidden entirely, we still wouldn’t be run on God. We’d just be doing something similar to God.

Let’s say the laws change. Will I still think homosexuality is a sin? Yes. God’s law is supreme. Will I stop them from getting married? I don’t know. Is there abuse? Neglect? Is someone cheating? If that were the case, I certainly would! If not, then I don’t really have the power to do so. And the only way I could stop it would be with love, not legality.

If gay marriage is equalized, I know a lot of Christians who are going to either pout in the sand or bury their head in it. Jesus didn’t. He soldiered on, loving, healing, and saving, is if their laws had no bearing on him.

I plan to do the same.

11 thoughts on “What If…?

  1. Yes. Yes, yes, yes.
    I think it’s an important question to ask Christians – What will you do when gay marriage becomes legal? Continuously spew hatred at any gay person who is married (because we kid ourselves that only straight people have god-like marriages)? Or, as you say, soldier on with love? The choice is ours and I hope many people will come to realize this.


  2. Very good post here brother. Many Christians are freaked out by the prospect of homosexual marriage but in reality, God is in control regardless. To shed some light on the other side of the issue though, this decision could have much more lasting effects. If this takes place churches will have to hire, and marry gay couples without refusal. If they refuse to do so they will be attacked financially with lawsuits and unfortunately this will leave many churches hurting. Regardless, my God will protect me, and I have no reason to worry. Many blessings!


    1. Genuinely asking here – will they? I have almost no knowledge on this subject, but Catholic churches can refuse to marry any non-catholics, so why would this change the right of the church to refuse any couple based on the ideals of their cree?


      1. It would to an extent.. With the equality of marriage rights, groups such as Freedom From Religion will take churches to court for refusing marriage. Of course they won’t have to win to cost the churches money. Court costs are crazy. Not all gay couples would do this because not all are against churches, however some would, and could sue pastors and churches.


  3. What I’ve noticed about this topic is that pushing to make homosexual marriage illegal is likely NOT our top priority–a lot of things are to be addressed from the “ground up” rather than “top-down”. Are we concerned for their souls, for their faith, for their overall well-being? Do we care about them as human beings, and not just see them as a personification of their sin?

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