15 Things That WILL Happen When You Fast

Source: Google
Source: Google

15. Someone will bring donuts to work.

14. Lunch will be brought to your work or everyone will order out.

13. Someone will offer to BUY you lunch.

12. You will have an internal theological debate over mints and chewing gum.

11. Cauliflower will look like candy.

10. Ketchup will look like a cocktail.

9. Any movie you watch will have some sort of grand feast.

8. You will compare yourself to starving children in Africa.

7. You will eat a cookbook.

6. You’ll try to make yourself feel better by imagining all the weight you’re losing.

5. You will vow never to drink water again.

4. You’ll brush your teeth 10 times just to get some flavor.

3. McDonald’s will re-introduce the McRib.

2. Your neighbor will have a Barbecue.

1. Someone else will do it for 40 days and totally show you up.


4 thoughts on “15 Things That WILL Happen When You Fast

  1. The longest I ever fasted was for 10 days and it seemed like everyone was having a birthday, anniversary, wedding, baptism, anything that had cake involved with buttercream frosting.


      1. It was a religious fast so I felt highly motivated to finish it. It was tough. Towards the end I was making lists of what I wanted to eat first and when I slept, I dreamed about all my favorite foods.


  2. I think the longest I ever went was 3 or 4 days. It was definitely an experience. Thankfully I hung out at the church and just stayed there a lot (small town, totally doable). And there were no potluck scheduled.


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