Oopsies and Updates from Fencing With Ink/Crosslenz

I want to fill you guys in on a few things going on with the site, both for better and for worse.



I made a major boo-boo. As many of you know, this site used to be called “Crosslenz,” but I changed the title to “Fencing With Ink.” However, I realized that the URL was still crosslenz.wordpress.com. So telling people where to find me was confusing. I figured out how to change the URL, so I did. I knew that anyone looking for crosslenz wouldn’t find me, but that was okay since followers would still see me and all my stuff would be on Fencing With Ink anyway.

I did NOT count on 150+ dead links floating around the internet.

ALL of my old blogs still have a non-existent “crosslenz” URL, so if you click them, they go to a dead page. The problem is, THOSE ARE THE PAGES GOOGLE IS FINDING. They’re not finding the new, working URL, they’re finding an old webpage that no longer exists, while the new one is somewhere off in cyberspace.

As a result, page views have PLUMMETED. I’m trying to get this resolved by perhaps mapping Crosslenz to Fencing With Ink, but that’s taking time. For now, please know that all my content can be found on the blog itself for you to enjoy. In the future, it will work again.

BY THE BY, if you know anything about blog domains or mapping, fill me in. I’m a dolt.


As a result of all this, I’m thinking of moving to another domain or another host. Nothing solid, but it’s a possibility. Aside from my own goofs, the blog has been acting weird lately.

I’ve been getting a lot of fake followers lately. What’s worse is I can’t remove them, even if their site is deleted by WordPress. So I’m stuck with a fake number of followers that is really driving me crazy. Maybe I can fix it elsewhere, maybe not.

But that’s still in development, now for the better stuff!

I told you I would!
I told you I would!


Look up at the top of the blog. See those links next to the “About” page? Click ’em. They’re cool.

Quality Christian Art-This is a site where I will promote good Christian art, be it big or small. Movies, books, websites, anything that can be labeled as art or entertainment. Know something? Hook me up!

Non-Christian Art for Christians–This section is similar, being art that is not done by Christians, but it has some things that Christians could learn or enjoy. Again, if you know another one, let me know.

Both of these pages are fresh, so they’ll need more content. Help me fill those pages by submitting your ideas.

If you’re an aspiring artist, let me know and you may end up on the page!


I’ve mentioned this before, but I read the work of newer writers, whether published or just in the idea stages, and I offer free critiques to help them grow. I’ve already done a few, but I want to do some more. Click the page for the details.


To all of you who have loyally followed, commented, liked, and otherwise supported me, a great big thanks to all of you. I appreciate you guys taking your time to make my site feel special.

That’s all for now. Enjoy the new features and hopefully I’ll get the whole mapping thing worked out. Let me know what you think!

Love you all! –Mike B.

5 thoughts on “Oopsies and Updates from Fencing With Ink/Crosslenz

  1. If you move, make a huge post about it. Or cross post? I don’t really do rss feeds, but I ‘d have to now.


    1. I don’t know jack about RSS, but I’m learning about moving and the trouble it causes.
      I’ll probably map all my stuff to any new site, but yeah, I’ll definitely put a giant “MOVING” sign on my blog.


      1. Well, how do you plan to move – or- where do you plan to move to? A stand alone website (depending on the domain) should have an RSS feed option.

        How bout this – if/when you move, lemme know and I’ll help. I wanna make sure I don’t miss this. =)


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