Mutual Passion: The Artist in Community

Exactly what I believe about Christian art.

Adventures in Faith & Art

Painted handprints made from vivid acrylic paint on white paperI’ve blogged a lot about the importance of artists of faith being in community with one another. It is a powerful and encouraging thing to see people with mutual passions gathering together as local expressions of the Bride of Christ, especially so when they are artists. And over the last few years, we’ve seen the advent of many artist groups springing up, both locally and nationally, from writer’s groups to open art studios to musical jam sessions to local conferences to Facebook groups devoted to encouraging one another in the arts.  It definitely is an exciting time to be an artist of faith.

For those of you who are in a group like that, or want to start a group, I encourage you to read my previous article on “Rules of Engagement for Creative Arts Groups.” I think you’ll find it helpful in avoiding misunderstandings or hurt feelings…

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