What is Hell?

Always a cheery topic. Consider it another morbid musing in a questionable mind, but my wife and I were reading a Psalm the other day and it briefly mentioned God's judgment, and I began to think. Quick note: I know many Christians don't believe in Hell. Jesus seemed to think it was real, as evidenced … Continue reading What is Hell?

Top 5 Things Wrong With Christian Music, Movies, and Books

It's that time of year when Christians ruin Christmas carols by adding in a bridge that completely clashes with the rest of the song, adds nothing of any real value, and basically tries to spice up linguistic gourmet with lyrical pop tarts. Seriously, how do you screw up "Joy to the World?" And who would … Continue reading Top 5 Things Wrong With Christian Music, Movies, and Books

Entitlement: The Freedom that Enslaves

It's absolutely everywhere anymore. School, work, church, home, the hospital, everywhere else, and all the lanes between. Don't think I'm some old geezer yapping about the current generation; I'm 25, right in the age group of a lot of movers and shakers today. And I absolutely cannot stand the overwhelming entitlement that has come to … Continue reading Entitlement: The Freedom that Enslaves