Thanks, Christians!

UPDATE: I’ve decided to take down this post.

Shortly after I wrote it, some new evidence came up that the whole Dayna Morales scandal may have been faked. Maybe it was, maybe it’s legit, the jury is still out as of this writing. But that wasn’t the real reason I took it down.

Many Christians came to me, some with concern, others with pitchforks, all pointing out that there was no evidence that the offending family was Christian. Therefore, I went on a huge tirade based on absolutely nothing. I simply thought they were Christians because I’d heard many stories of Christians doing something similar. In other words, I had judged many Christians based on a bias, and Christians were getting angry at me. I originally apologized on this post, but it didn’t seem to do a lot of good.

Originally, I was just going to leave it up; I figured that I have thick skin and can take a little hatred. Besides, it’s too late already; the post had been seen by hundreds of people, so why go through all the hassle?

But then the Lord spoke to me and pointed something out: I’m not the only one who will suffer. The longer I keep this post up, the more I hurt and offend my brothers and sisters in Christ. I don’t mind offending people if I’m speaking God’s truth, but this wasn’t God’s truth; it was my faulty assumption. If I cared about my brethren, I’d try to limit the damage. Thus, I erased the content of this post and put this up instead.

So, I’ll bow my head and say I’m sorry. I made a bad call and hurt many Christians, accusing them of something they may not have even done. I abhor biased judgment, yet I did that exact thing. I’m very sorry to all my fellow Christians. I’m very sorry to God for having caused undue strife among his Church. I’ll try to be more careful in the future and be sure of my facts.

I love you all, even if I forget that sometimes.

12 thoughts on “Thanks, Christians!

  1. I always wonder if scenarios like this are actually true. Then I’m reminded of my time attending a private Baptist college in the south and think this is sadly true.


      1. A better question is why did you think the patrons where Christians? Is there not other religious groups that denounce the gay lifestyle? Why did you assume that this must have been a Christian couple? Also how about editing this blog and include a disclaimer saying it had been proven this couple did no wrong and add the link to your other blog.


  2. You suck. Sooo quick to judge! Not one person brought in religion but you find a way to push your liberal agenda into this headline. Shame on you. I’m really glad your life sucks…


    1. Did you even read the blog? Or are you just judging by the headline? If you had read it you would know he is a christian himself. At least he said sorry and edited the blog. Most would have taken it down with no explanation or kept it up and continue spreading the lie.


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