I Judged the Judgers for Judging


It’s only when I write a post that becomes my second-most-popular (this being my first, shameless plug) that I realize I’ve made a huge mistake.

Two days ago, I wrote this post about Dayna Morales, the waitress who was stiffed a tip because she looked like a lesbian to the patrons, who included a note that they couldn’t tip because of her lifestyle. I went on a comedic rant, sarcastically congratulating the Christian couple for representing Christ. The post exploded thanks to Facebook and not all the feedback was good. I got some people saying I didn’t show love in my post because blah blah blah I have arguments for everything they said, but a couple people asked one very important question:

“How do you know they were Christian?”


I looked back at the source I quoted. Then I looked at the original Huffington Post article. Nothing. Nowhere did it say the stiffing family was Christian. Their not simply said they didn’t agree with their lifestyle, and as one of my FB peeps pointed out, Christians aren’t the only ones who think homosexuality is wrong.

Whoops…apparently, I just assumed they were Christian and ended up judging the people who I thought were judging others. I think there’s a Bible verse about that…

Man, I feel stupid, especially because I got so many to agree with me! I got a couple followers because of that post! I’d take it down, but we all know that does NOTHING on the internet, so I’ll just write this correction here.

I’m sorry to the Christians I offended. I made an assumption and it was wrong. I suppose I’ve become a bit jaded thanks to all the stories I’ve heard like this who were Christian. Being a Christian, I hear the worst horror stories of my people defecating all over the name of God and claiming they’re honoring Him. But that’s no excuse; I need to make sure I know what I’m talking about if I’m going to go on a rant about it.

So, my bad, I apologize, and I’ll try to be more careful in the future, ‘kay? Thanks for your patience, everybody. Love you all.

I’ll be filing this under “Stupid Things Christians Do.”

6 thoughts on “I Judged the Judgers for Judging

  1. I still liked it, ha. But I’m proud of you for apologizing if you felt that’s what you needed to do. But the sentiment was accurate so….I still liked it, ha.


  2. I think somewhere it says that a wise man is a man of few words – THAT dear one is a hard one as a writer on the internet – at the end of the day – sometimes we do things and do not realise until after the fact that we did a booboo 😉 Well done for saying what you have here as you feel convicted to do – but don’t pander too much either ( I have done that and it is also dangerous) stick by your convictions – so long as it is with love – you can hold your head humbly knowing you are speaking what is placed in your heart.in truth. We are forced into accepting a lot from society about tolerance (and I do not mean of lifestyle etc ) I mean we are told to tolerate wickedness disguised – it is not hard to tell the difference between acts of love with righteous anger at something – and acts of judgement – there is a difference…
    Rest easy.


  3. This made me laugh. In a good way. One of the things I’m learning in ministry is that if you’re not sticking your foot in your mouth on a semi-weekly basis, it’s just because you’re all the more ignorant of the stupid things you’re actually saying. It takes a lot to humbly apologize like this so kudos.
    Also, it was a good post.


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