Way to Drop the Ball, Phil

My thoughts on the issue as well. We, as Christians, need to be careful in how we respond when things don’t go our way.

Coffee, Theology, and Jesus


That’s what I thought when I first heard about the “controversy” surrounding Phil Robertson. Also, for the sake of length I’m not going to explain what happened. Besides, every news outlet has covered it, you can read part of the interview he gave with GQ magazine almost anywhere.

Anyway, I can’t say I was exactly surprised when Christians all over the place went crazy hearing that Phil got suspended over the comments. I was however pretty disappointed with the way Christians decided to express their view (and outrage) over the suspension. There are a fewdifferent themes interwoven into this situation so I’m going to list them out and address them head on. Hopefully I can shed some light on this issue and why I’m pretty fed up with my own people who claim to follow a God who extends grace to all, but yet only show grace to their…

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I'm convinced that Yankee Candle practices witchcraft. How else do they create smells from things that have no smell? Walk through a Yankee Candle shop (or whatever local knockoff will satisfy your inferior palate) and look at all the names of the products. You have normal scents like flowers, banana nut bread, citrus, you know, … Continue reading Nonscents

10 Christmas Things That Make Me Feel Like A Kid Again

Honorable Mention--Snow This is actually a winter thing, not just a Christmas thing, but Christmas falls in winter, so I had to cheat. Who had such a horrible childhood that they didn't enjoy the falling of snow? Little white flakes cascading through the air, building up and threatening to cancel school. True, now that I'm … Continue reading 10 Christmas Things That Make Me Feel Like A Kid Again