26 Tiny Inconveniences That Make You Want to KILL Someone


A short something to make you laugh. Enjoy!

1. That thing stuck in your teeth.

2. Over-eager automatic toilets.

3. Hand dryers that stop 10 seconds before you’re actually dry.

4. The guy driving in front of you going 1 mph slower than you want to go.

5. The guy next to him driving the same speed so you can’t pass.

6. Paper Cuts.

7. Any time the internet is down.

8. “Your computer will automatically shut down in 15 minutes to install new updates.”

9. Not seeing #8 until the 15 minutes are up.

10. When you can’t remember the name of that one guy who was in that movie, the one with the other guy…

11. …and IMDB is nowhere around.

12. 1-cent tax hikes.

13. Bad grammar on Facebook.

14. Grammar Nazis on Facebook.

15. When your best friend doesn’t like that book/movie/TV show/game you love and worship.

16. When the DVD doesn’t freeze, it just jerks forward 1/16 of a second at a time.

17. When someone wants to show you one more Youtube video.

18. Farts that aren’t yours.

19. Telemarketing from Charter, but only when you’re already a customer.

20. You need something from the other side of the room, but you’re already in bed.

21. Static electricity.

22. The itch that only appears when you’re carrying something heavy.

23. Having to break a $20 bill on a candy bar because you don’t have anything smaller.

24. Lost/broken remote controls.

25. Recycling.

26. Lists that don’t end on a nice, round number.

4 thoughts on “26 Tiny Inconveniences That Make You Want to KILL Someone

  1. OMG #8 & #9 !!! I swear #8 never happens, the computer just shuts off and usually right when I press “submit payment” !!


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