Funny Ways People Have Found My Blog

If you ever want a laugh, look at all the Google searches people put in to find your blog. Most of them will make sense, of course, but look at the rare ones and you'll see some epic randomness or some serious misinterpretation. I've reached 200 blogs here on Fencing With Ink, so I decided … Continue reading Funny Ways People Have Found My Blog

Making Room in Church for Your Ideological Enemies

Fantastic thoughts about how Jesus dealt with two Godly men with very different ideals.

Jayson D. Bradley

Image: Ryan McGuire Image: Ryan McGuire

If I had to put together 12 men who would follow me throughout my ministry, I would have chosen differently. I would have picked guys who had my back, who were respected, and most of all, who were on the same page.

Not only does Jesus pick untried, untested, and mostly uneducated blue color workers, he intentionally picks guys who would have been at each other’s throats.

Simon: the zealot

It makes sense that Simon, a zealot, decided to follow Jesus.  The zealots were tired of the status quo, too. They wanted something dramatic and powerful to happen; they wanted to overthrow Rome. In their minds, a savior was coming to deliver Israel from Roman oppression. And they were prepared to help administer some good old-fashioned, Old Testament wrath.

Matthew: the tax gatherer

Jesus goes out of his way to sweep Matthew, the tax collector into the group (Matt. 9:9)…

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What Kingdom Hearts 2 Taught Me About Christianity

Jesus drew analogies for the Kingdom of God from everywhere and everything: sheep, water, buildings, you name it. And the holy spirit still teaches people that way. This time, my inspiration came from a video game: Kingdom Hearts 2. A crossover between Disney and Final Fantasy, Kingdom Hearts should not have been as awesome as … Continue reading What Kingdom Hearts 2 Taught Me About Christianity