Your lips drip poison.

You beg for kisses.

You whisper behind the back.

You yearn for trust.

You erect a walls of iron.

You cry against my fence.

You lurk in the shadow

and say that you are strong.

You taunt and tease the lion

until his cage is opened.

You rustle the feathers of others

but preen yours every day.

“Something must be done about the world!”

you say from your bed.

You draw blood with the sword and cry, “Justice! Justice!”

They counterattack, you scream, “Cruelty! Cruelty!”

You wave your steel and say, “Challenge me! I dare!”

I touch my hilt, you run away, slipping on your tears.

You say, “Do not be so vain and so conceited.

Think of me, instead!”

You shatter all mirrors.

You want to be seen

by anyone but you.

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