What was your most Awkward/Embarrassing Writing Moment?

You ever want to close the laptop with your head inside it? If you haven’t, you’re clearly on your first draft of your first ever written anything and nobody’s ever seen it. Let’s be honest; we all make mistakes. So let’s have a little fun and share some stories in the comments. It can be about actual writing, hunting an editor/agent, marketing, anything.

I’m no better than you, so here are some of mine to start us off. And make you feel better about yourself.

  • Committing a major research fail.
  • Laughing out loud at a part you forgot you wrote, then explaining it to someone like an arrogant turd.
  • Writing about someone you haven’t seen in 5 years and they immediately find out.
  • Your Christian dad reads your blog post about artistic nudity. And thinks it’s your best one ever. (Thanks, Dad!)
  • When you come up with a great idea, then accidentally discover someone else already made it famous.
  • When you publicly rake a group across the coals in your blog, it makes more views than any other post you ever write, and then you find out you were totally wrong.
  • Debating the use of the word bitch in a Christian novel.
  • Finding your old fanfiction.
  • Someone asks what your novel is about and you just stand there like you don’t even know.
  • Writing about your struggles with pornography when your mom and mom-in-law subscribe to your blog.
  • Taking part in an artistic project only to watch the final product suck pretty hard.

And my personal worst…

  • Discovering spelling/grammar mistakes in your published book.

I really wish that one wasn’t true. Oh, well, you live and you learn. So tell me, authors, screenwriters, bloggers, business writers, writers of all sorts, what’s an awkward/embarrassing moment in your typed history?

2 thoughts on “What was your most Awkward/Embarrassing Writing Moment?

  1. I appreciate this greatly. I’m told all the time about typos in my own writing which wouldn’t be so embarrassing if I didn’t thoroughly proof read everything AND study English Writing.


    1. That’s my problem. I’m an English major, graduated with mostly straight As in those classes, still can’t catch my own stupid typos. Thank God my wife is my proofreader.


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