Looking for Readers

Do you like to read? If not, why did you click on a blog? (Don’t go, I love you!) But if you do, I have a book for you. I’m looking for beta-readers to get a first look at my new short novel/novella (definition changes per website). What does beta-reading mean? Basically, you read it before it goes public. It’s not published, but I’m looking to make it so. However, it’s always wise to have someone look at your work before you say it’s done.

I already have a couple readers–thank you Invisible Ink and two guys I can’t link to because they don’t have blogs or websites. But I’m still looking for a few more. In response, I’d be more than happy to read/review/critique anything of yours.

Is the book good, you ask? Well, I think so, but I wrote the darn thing, so take that for what it’s worth. Here’s the working synopsis.

Christians aren’t supposed to fight, they say. Locke Hart believes otherwise. He believes in protecting people in a world where monsters appear in shopping malls, swords and guns are sold in chain stores, and all-powerful magic rests in the hands of a psychopath. Locke only needs a few more years in college to perfect his fighting skills and to study magic, then he will be ready to protect the innocent from harm.

But God doesn’t want to wait that long. He’s calling Locke into action right now, ready or not. Through fire, pain, and death, God is bringing Locke into something bigger and bolder than he ever predicted, to fight fire with fire, and crazy…with crazy.

Sound good? Obviously, it’s Christian Fiction, but I’m as sick of Amish stories and sports dramas as you are, so none of that. It’s a present-day myth (urban fantasy) with plenty of action, characterization and, well, Christians being real people.

Rated PG-13 for violence and some thematic material. How many Christian stories say that?

If you’re interested in reading either say something in the comments or send me an email at fencingwithink@gmail.com.

I love all your faces.

7 thoughts on “Looking for Readers

  1. Hey. I just sent you an email that came back to me. I love your style and while I’m not a “writer” and wouldn’t give great feedback on plot and character development, I would be able to tell you whether or not it kept my attention. What’s your timeline?

    Katy asktheBigot@hotmail.com


  2. I know I’m your Mom but I’ve read everything so far (I think) so I’d love to read this too!!


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