Top 20 Stupid Things I Love About Being Married

1. I tell her she has an enormous butt and she says, “Aw, thanks!” because she knows it’s a compliment without me having to explain it.

2. Poop is a conversation starter, not ender.

3. Erotica is funnier than stand-up comedy.

4. Finally, I can talk for hours about Jane Austen’s books and nobody tells me I’m gay.

5. If one of us starts singing the opening theme to Avatar the Last Airbender, the other one sings harmony.

6. She’s the only other person in the world who thinks Dr. Who is overrated.

7. Laughing at God-knows-what for hours.

8. Laughter in the bedroom makes sex better instead of awkward.

9. She doesn’t want salad for dinner, either. Pizza it is.

10. The only reason I can’t make a “That’s what she said” joke is because she beats me to it.

11. I can dolphin-flop onto the bed without fear of judgment.

12. Two hours in front of the internet is a date night.

13. We can stay up all night talking about the incredible musical prowess of Donkey Kong 1 and 2 (Seriously, the music was awesome).

14. When I locked the keys out of my car and had to wait an hour for my dad, we filled the time by reading a comic book together.

15. She can’t go two months without anime.

16. I bought a Kindle for $80 and she got a hamster for $10, and she thought that was an even deal.

17. Spontaneous weird noise/face/gesture contests.

18. We don’t need kids to watch Disney 8 times a week.

19. We read the entire Harry Potter series aloud to each other.

20. I’m now hot by association.

Happy anniversary to my beautiful wife. You’re the Watson to my Sherlock, the Suki to my Sokka, and the Oracle to my Batman. And you know what all those references mean, which makes you even MORE beautiful! Thanks for being my companion nerd, my laughing buddy, and my copilot. I love you eternally and can’t wait for many more adventures with my best friend.

5 thoughts on “Top 20 Stupid Things I Love About Being Married

      1. Yes… I can totally connect to that.. A relationship is beautiful when even the smallest of things, including the silences are understood just the way they are meant… ๐Ÿ™‚


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