20 Phrases That Will Get You Killed at Comic-Con


1. Dr. Who is so overrated.

2. I hope Michael Bay makes another movie.

3. I think anime is for kids.

4. Mee-sah Jar Jar Binks!

5. I wish Val Kilmer would play Batman again.

6. M. Night Shyamalan is the best thing to happen to Avatar.

7. Can you believe how much Lord of the Rings ripped off Harry Potter?

8. Is there a Twilight panel?

9. I hate Benedict Cumberbatch’s voice.

10. This convention would be so much better without the cosplay.

11. Final Fantasy 13 took the series in wonderful new directions.

12. Do you think we’ll see Superman in the next Avenger’s movie?

13. Is anybody else sick of “Game of Thrones”?

14. I’d rather be outside.

15. Reading? Ew!

16. Deadpool isn’t that funny.

17. Comics have such a realistic depiction of women.

18. No, I don’t want BBC.

19. How is Star Trek STILL popular?

20. What a bunch of nerds!

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