A Children’s Game Worse than Grand Theft Auto!?

  The other day, I saw a Kindergarten boy playing a game on his dad's iPad called "Shoot the Moon." It's one of those silly app games that's as simple as its title. You tap the screen to shoot a rocket at the moon. Of course, the moon moves around the screen, singing "In the … Continue reading A Children’s Game Worse than Grand Theft Auto!?

A Prayer For Ferguson

I don’t know what to say about the ruling in Ferguson that hasn’t already been said, but this fellow summed it up rather well. Hurt people hurt people, both white and black, and prayer is better than blanket condemnation.

One of the numerous things learned as a counselor is that certain emotions are rooted in deeper feelings. One such emotion is anger. Anger is rarely the root of the issue; more often than not, anger is an expression of hurt, loss or disappointment. In other words, anger is rarely the core problem but acts as a red flag for deeper pain.

We must remember this when we examine the current events in Ferguson.

On Monday night, a grand jury decided not to press criminal charges against Darren Wilson, a white police officer who shot and killed Mike Brown, a black 18 year-old male, earlier this year. Previous to the decision, local and national authorities urged for a peaceful reaction from citizens. Nonetheless, the decision sparked widespread violence in the town; protesters fired guns into the air, burned and looted local shops and attacked police barricades. Within hours over 29 arrests had been made in

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5 Ways Being Horribly Sick Helped Me Appreciate Pregnant/Laboring Women

I'm a guy, so naturally I know all about childbirth. You waddle around nine months, get good parking spaces, people treat you nice, then you go to the hospital, hold your breath and push,  and pow! Tax deduction. Simple, right? WRONG! Men, we have been lied to. It turns out, childbirth is really, really unpleasant. … Continue reading 5 Ways Being Horribly Sick Helped Me Appreciate Pregnant/Laboring Women