Why Non-Christians Don’t Act Like Christians


Do you know why so many people don’t obey God? Because they don’t believe in him. There, I just saved you a lifetime of confusion headaches.

I suppose perspective can be blamed. Christians live their lives as if God exists and he is in charge. They live this out for so long and grow into a culture that believes the same thing that they soon think it’s the natural thought process for every human being. Like how Disney thinks everybody loves cash-grabbing sequels just because it does.

But Jesus said the truth shall set you free and boy does it ever. No more being shocked when people don’t have “morals” because your definition of “morals” stems from the Bible and theirs doesn’t. No more waiting for people to do the “right” thing because they don’t read the same book as you do so you may as well not expect it. No more being angry at people for not being “good” because your perspective of “good” stems from Godliness.

Not to mention that many Christian values stem around a single issue and not God himself–oh yes I went there!

Let me simplifying this by saying it in a more complicated way. Christianity is rooted in the belief that nobody can truly do good because good is from God’s perspective, not ours. And since he’s a god and we’re not, his perspective is the one that matters. Sin is stuck to us like bubble gum in hair, combing it down doesn’t make us a pretty as we think. Only when we stop trying and let Jesus take that sin can we actually be saved. But more than that, Jesus softens our hearts to God’s law. We follow Jesus’s example and with his power become more like God, which leads to doing all the good things God commands.

Back to simplification: Jesus first, other crap later!

You want people to start behaving according to the Bible? They have to like God first. You want them to like God? Stop being a dick! Represent Jesus as he truly is: loving, accepting, patient, brave, compassionate, humorous, and powerful enough to overcome their greatest woes. Once they like Jesus, they’ll follow him. Not laws, not rules, not social norms, not customs, not values, not ideas, not logic alone, not feelings alone, but Jesus. Freaking Jesus.

Oh, and one last thing. If you see someone who you think needs Jesus…maybe you’re the one who needs to introduce them, not an enigmatic “someone else.”

5 thoughts on “Why Non-Christians Don’t Act Like Christians

  1. I like how edgy you are! Especially when you went there about values not coming from God Himself. Very true!!!! I hate the box Christians have built. Its so small there is barely any room for God and His Word. Just culture and denominational doctrine. That’s why this world keeps getting darker…..His lights (us) are being dimmed by a real lack of His presence within us. Good stuff!!!


      1. I would like to be edgier…. but realize I might limit my target audience, who can unfortunately be too closed minded about a lot of things! But that is who God has called me to write to, so I am just following orders!
        Keep it up, Good work!


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