Why $3.18 Makes Me Want to Squee Like A Little Girl

Squee (skwee) (verb): to scream in a high-pitched voice with great delight. Jenny squeed when she saw Johnny’s washboard abs. 

Now you know. So why would I want to make the same noise over a measly three dollars and eighteen cents? No, it’s not because I’m THAT close to South Park’s “tree-fiddy” joke (though it helps).

It’s because this is my very first profit as a writer.

I’ve been writing since I was 15 and loving every second of it, but it was mostly fanfictions and original ideas that went nowhere. I did write a short graphic novel as part of an anthology about people flying, and I have helped with writing projects here and there, but those were all free.

The only time I ever published something for money was a novel back in 2012 and it tanked hard. I didn’t know what I was doing at the time and my publishing company was…shady. In the end, I sold some books, yet lost $600 when all was said and done.

But now…this. I submitted a flash fiction of less than 700 words and it was published in a magazine. After buying a couple extra copies, I received $3.18.

I know it’s only worth a couple candy bars, a few stamps, or 3.18 items at Dollar Tree, but it’s a profit. And I know it’s the only profit I’ll see from this publication, but it’s a symbol. For the first time in my life, I’ve made money doing what I love. I’ve hit one notch on my ladder of success. And I couldn’t be happier.

Tell me about the first dollar you made doing what you absolutely love to do. Also, to read this super-short story and many other great ones, click this link. If you click the “sample” button, you can see my story for free.

2 thoughts on “Why $3.18 Makes Me Want to Squee Like A Little Girl

  1. My first $20 from doing freelance work left me crying, because it was proof that someone thought my efforts had value, that I could DO this. I’m prouder of it than I am my first car!


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