I’m Insane and So Can You!

Tired of the mundane, the drudgery? Always had a dream, but gave it up for security? Ever look out the window and long for more? Fortunately, getting what you want is actually much easier than you think.

Just do what I did. Go crazy!

Today, I leave St. Louis and head for Denver. I don’t have a job. I don’t know how I’m going to pay more than a month’s rent. I don’t know anybody in Denver. I’ve never been there or anywhere near it. I’m having to toss or sell most of my stuff to make it there. And did I mention I’m dragging my wife and child along with me?

And just why am I doing this? Simple! God told me to. Nutty, right? Why would God tell me to abandon responsibility in pursuit of a dream? It’s a long story which many of my followers have already read, but here’s the link if you want the whole deal.

In summary: God said, “I created you to be an artistic person. So stop coloring inside the lines and follow me.”

Security is Overrated Anyway

You can lose your job. Right now. Seriously, “job security” is only relative. True job security is only for CEOs, crooked cops, and that one person in all the world who can do a perfect Porky Pig impersonation. The rest of us are, in some degree, expendable.

Jim Carrey pointed this out, saying his father chose the secure job instead of his dream job, and then lost that secure job. (Link here, 2:35-3:05) The lesson Carrey learned? “You can fail at what you don’t want, so you might as well take a chance on doing what you love.”

My dad has succeeded in medical business. Why? Because he likes it and believes in what he does. My brother has had incredible opportunities in dance. Why? Because he loves dance and pursues greatness with joy. Neither have job security and both have borne hard times, but they’re happier in the uncertain than they are selling their souls for comfort.

Crazy is Wonderful

To quit a job because you want to is career suicide. But that’s okay. God’s bigger. Renting an apartment without money is nuts. But that’s okay. God is bigger. Subjecting your family to the whims of your dreams almost seems cruel. But that’s okay. God is bigger.

Craziness is where God shows up. Because he has to. When we go out on a limb pursuing some dream or calling he gave us, He steps up. God is all too happy to prove that he is God.

So if you want to find those dreams, the ones God planted in you, you have to go someplace where only he can save you. The world calls it crazy, but God calls it normal.

It’s My Turn…and Yours

To paraphrase John Eldredge in Waking the Dead, too many Christians believe that God is only interested in their afterlife, that he essentially doesn’t care about our happiness now. But Psalm 37: 13-14 says we can see the goodness of the Lord “in the land of the living.” Jesus performed miracles in life. This life is hard, yes, and nowhere near as important as eternity, but Jesus does care.

Jesus said he came to give life more abundant (John 10:10). This life matters. God does care about your dreams.

So chase them. It may not happen right away and it may walk you through the valley of the shadow of death like it did David. But that’s life. Abundant life.

You don’t have to lean on the crutch of responsibility. I’m not saying abandon those you love; I’m saying chase the dreams God planted in you and your heart will have more to give them. That’s what I believe and that’s why I’m going.

So join me. Find what you love to do and find a way to do it. It may be a full-time job or a bi-vocational deal, it may take long endurance or a leap or faith, everybody is different. Work your dreams out with God. He’s the one who can make them happen.

But taking those scary steps? That’s up to you. Take my hand. We’ll step out together. I’ll keep blogging and try to encourage you. If you want, write in the comments or email me at fencingwithink@gmail.com and we’ll talk. I’m just a guy, but I’m on this journey, too. Maybe we can help each other.

Who knows? Maybe we walk the same road.

8 thoughts on “I’m Insane and So Can You!

  1. It’s scary to think about, but it really comes down to trust. Four years ago I left everything behind to move to Kansas City, because I believed God calling me to go to pursue my dream. It has not been easy by any stretch, but He has provided everything I’ve needed. I’m not “successful” yet, but the spiritual growth I’ve experienced has been absolutely worth it. And just now I’m starting to see doors open that seemed like a distant and far-fetched hope before.


  2. We’re praying for you guys! When Jesus called the disciples, He just said, “Follow Me.” He didn’t say where. He didn’t tell them how they were going to get food or shelter. He just told them to follow.


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