75 Years of Film: 1948–Oliver Twist

This is a continuing series exploring history and film by watching one movie from each release year from 1941-2016. For a full list of movies/years examined so far, click here.  And now we're on to 1948, where I don't have a proper intro...let's just do this. STORY Adapted from the Charles Dickens novel, this film … Continue reading 75 Years of Film: 1948–Oliver Twist

So a Christian Walks into Denver Pridefest…

This is something that's been on my mind for a while: deliberately going someplace that seems to stand at the antithesis of Christianity--or at least the antithesis of church life. God's been convicting me to get out of my Christian bubble and go meet people who are *gasp* not Christian. And Denver had its LGBT … Continue reading So a Christian Walks into Denver Pridefest…

Justin Bieber’s Shrunken Face: More Weird Search Terms

If you haven’t followed this guy’s blog, you must. I laughed so hard I cried.


idiotprufs bigfoot Yes. Bigfoot made this list.

As always, these are all real search engine terms from my stats page, exactly the way I found them.

why does it look like my penis has bug bites on the bottom of it  You put your penis somewhere you shouldn’t have.

how to get wifes feet to stink like cheese  I found 36 different combinations with the words: wife, feet, stink and cheese. Thank you Freshly Pressed for making my blog a foot fetish destination.

sexy man riding a unicorn images  The poster on my bedroom wall, right next to my poster of Shaun Cassidy.

construction worker thumbs up thumbs up  One fifth of The Village People, really happy really happy.

mooning kilt  Aren’t all kilts for mooning?

my children’s story keep getting rejected  Your story, Little Billy’s First Kite and the High Voltage Power Lines, was…

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Seriously! Did ANYBODY Else Like Final Fantasy XII?

Hit-and-miss gaming giant Square Enix has announced that they're going to dish out an HD re-release of Final Fantasy XII in 2017 called Final Fantasy XII The Zodiac Age (source). It features updated graphics, a rerecorded soundtrack, and the International Version content that was never before released in the West. When I first read this, I … Continue reading Seriously! Did ANYBODY Else Like Final Fantasy XII?