A Creator’s Journey #7

Nothing major this week, just a few updates and teasers.

Ferryman Updates:

Vickie S. donated $25 this week and I was able to scrounge up $50 to put aside, so Editing is up to 30% funded and total funding for the book is at 33%, about one third! It’s getting there!

Cover art is…progressing, I think. Had to re-contact the guy because he didn’t follow up. Hoping to see a draft soon and once the final product is done, I’ll share it with you all.

If you want to know more about Ferryman and/or get involved with the book, click here. Thanks to those of you who have already helped out.

Weekly #WIPjoy:

This is a daily hashtag I’m doing for September where authors talk about their works in progress. I’ll make this one about Ferryman since that’s the most pertinent.

Day 1: Tell us about your WIP!
A man with the power to kill with a touch tries to find the most moral way to do so.

Day 2: What stage are you at with this project?
Done writing. Just need to fund cover art, editing, etc.

Day 3: Describe your WIP with three verbs.
Kill. Justify. Confront. Withhold. Free.

Day 4: What emotions do you evoke with your setting?
Which setting? A bar evokes loneliness, nostalgia, and despair. A superhero headquarters evokes militant sterility. The general world evokes oppression and superstition for the main character.

Day 5: Share a line with a detail about your protagonist’s past.
“When the corpses began to pile, when hundreds of Vietnamese youths gaped eternally at the sky, when the cacophony of bullets and mortars stopped and I stood alone, I saw what I could do. I’d always known it, but now I saw it, smelled it. The man I could be.”

Day 6: What does your antagonist love deeply?
Film. He’s turned his guest bedroom into a miniature Blockbuster (remember those?).

Day 7: Which two characters have the most interesting history?
Charlie and Venus. He can choose not to die, she can shape-shift her way out of sickness and injury. Thus, they’re both immortal, making each the only lasting friend the other has.

Like I said, not much this week. Busy getting ready to move to Idaho. But thank you to everyone who reads my stuff anyway and I’ll have something a lot more fun on Saturday!

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