“Blood for Blood,” or “See! Christians can be Vampires, too!” (4/5 stars)

You read that right: a Christian vampire. Well, that's just unique enough to pick up. Oh, and it's on sale through Halloween, which is perfect when you think about it. TITLE: Blood for Blood AUTHOR: Ben Wolf GENRE: Christian, Fantasy STORY The aptly-named Raven Worth has been a vampire for 80 years, drinking human blood, … Continue reading “Blood for Blood,” or “See! Christians can be Vampires, too!” (4/5 stars)

A Creator’s Journey #12–The Plan

Once upon a time, I played a fighting game with my best friend. I chose a character who could teleport so I could jump out of the way when my friend launched a massive attack. Sure enough, when he powered up a big laser, I teleported. I reappeared with my face exactly one inch from … Continue reading A Creator’s Journey #12–The Plan

8 Simple Rules for Dating my Teenage Gamer Girl

This is something I wrote for Pop Culture Uncovered about sexist gaming culture. Even as a man, it’s disgusting and I think this is an important topic as video games become more and more advanced and popular.

Pop Culture Uncovered

I admit up front that I don’t actually have a teenage daughter. However, I want to, and she and countless other girls will grow up in a culture of video games. So when I heard that a woman was sexually assaulted in a virtual reality game, I knew this world wasn’t ready for my daughter or anybody else’s.
So here are eight steps to making the virtual world safer and friendlier towards our sisters.

1. Just because you’re laughing doesn’t mean she is.
To you, it’s a joke. To her, it may be frightening or just plain repulsive. It’s good to laugh, but it’s far better, more respectable, and a greater measure of your own wit when everyone is laughing, not just you.

2. Talk to her like she’s really there.
Would you make that rape joke to her face? Would you use her in a sexually explicit sentence…

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