Fencing With Ink is AWOL for NaNoWriMo

Thanks for visiting my blog. Normally, I publish about twice a week, three if I’m feeling tingly.

However, it’s November, which is National Novel Writing Month, where writers try to write 50000 words in 30 days (about 100 MS Word pages). For the first time, I’m actually going to participate.

So, this blog is going to be down for the month so I can actually have the free time necessary to achieve this craziness. I’ll be back December 1st.

But if you need some awesome content right now about arts, faith, freedom, or things you shouldn’t laugh about but probably do, feel free to peruse my blog or check out the categories to find something specific.

If you like it, click the Subscribe button up top and enter your email to get new blogs sent directly to your email, as well as updates and announcements you won’t find here (and maybe some goodies).

I love your face, even though I can’t see it. See you in December!

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