A Creator’s Journey #15–Why I Launched Patreon

Ah, the good ol’ days. Artists could get patrons who would pay them to make art, giving them regular or partly-regular income for their craft because art is awesome. And then stuff happened. What stuff? I don’t know, centuries of stuff. Look, I’m no history buff, I just know that patrons don’t exist anymore, not in the old sense. High-minded rich people seem to support businesses now, not art.

But then, a miracle happened: the everyman stepped in to fill the gap.

Now, art isn’t supported by a wealthy lord or lady. It’s supported by regular people giving a little bit here and there. When enough people gather around, art can take off like a rocket. Thus, ordinary people became patrons of the arts.

I’m a Patron myself. I currently support six people on Patreon:

Why do I support these people? Because I love good art and so do they. I love art itself, satire of bad art, re-imaginings of art, and deep analysis of art. Such things should be supported and kept alive, and though I can’t do much (I’m only on the $1 tier for most), I can do something regularly, and if I promote them, like I just did, more people may support them, too.

However, I don’t just want to talk about art or help others create it, I want to create art, too. That’s why I write fiction.

And that’s why I started my very own Patreon page. Patreon helps. When artists get funding, they can crank out better art at a faster rate.

So, how does that happen? With the following goals:

  1. $100/month total support–This will offset costs of publishing books (cover art, editors, etc.) which means I can crank ’em out faster.
  2. $500/month total support–With this, I can attend more conferences and such to become a better writer, which means better books for you.
  3. $1000/month total support–This will supplement my income and let me write part-time at least. More focus means more more books and better books.
  4. $3000/month total support–I hesitated to even write this one. It’s a total pipe dream, where I’m writing full-time, connecting with fans, learning at conferences, and still putting food on my table for my wife and son. All through writing, and all though you guys.

But enough about me. I’ve been babbling about art for almost 500 words now. You’re smart enough to read between the lines: “He’s asking for money!” True. I am. And I’m not ashamed of it. However, I know you’re a savvy reader. What do YOU get out of this? That depends on what Patreon tier you choose.

  • $1/month ($12/year)–The basic Thank-You. Acknowledgement in every book while you’re a patron and an e-copy of my first book (if you’re not already a subscriber getting a free copy). Just a simple way to say thanks for your support.
  • $2/month ($24/year)–Exclusive content. Early chapters, thoughts on future books, all kinds of behind-the-scenes stuff I won’t be giving anywhere else. And the best part? You can reply. You can say, “That sucks” or “That’s awesome!” and I’ll listen. You’ll be my very first audience. Plus, you get the $1 stuff.
  • $5/month ($60/year)–Free e-books. Wow, you really believe in me! For that kind of support, every e-book I submit while you’re a patron will be absolutely free in any format. Hey, you earned it. Plus the previous rewards.
  • $10/month ($120/year)–Holy crap! How about a free signed copy of every book shipped anywhere in the world, too? I’ll personalize the thanks and everything. Thank you so much!

I believe in the power of books. I shed a bit of bigotry when I read a short story about a gay man. Race became important to me after reading books like To Kill a Mockingbird and The Help. I even learned more about God though The Night Angel Trilogy. Fiction is mighty and I want to use it to change the world, or at the very least give people some deep enjoyment.

Do you want to be a part of that? If so, please support me on Patreon. My first book launches on February 7th (click here for details), so if you sign up for the $1 tier OR if you just subscribe to my newsletter for free (the “Subscribe” button up top, not the “Follow” button on WordPress), you’ll get that book sent straight to your inbox. Read it. Judge for yourself whether or not I can deliver.

And if you like it, please help me make more.

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