2017: A Year in Art

The best I've seen of all that I've seen (or played) in 2017. Why? Because art is awesome and we should celebrate it. Particularly, I'm looking at books, movies, video games, and anime. Note: these are not all things that came out in 2017, but things I experienced for the first time in 2017. So … Continue reading 2017: A Year in Art

Top 10 Christmas Carols (Part 2)

Still with me? Cool. Let's get to the top 5. If you need an intro, click this link to get the first half of the list and all the qualifiers that make my list right and everybody else's wrong. Yeah, yeah, I know I'm full of it. If you have a Christmas carol you think … Continue reading Top 10 Christmas Carols (Part 2)

What Christmas Specials Do you HAVE to Watch Every Year?

We've all got 'em. From black-and-white classics like Miracle on 34th Street to it's-set-on-Christmas-so-yes-it's-a-Christmas-movie Die Hard, each of us has at least two or three Christmas specials we can't do without each year. So I'll keep this blog post short because I want to hear your answers more than mine: what are the Christmas specials … Continue reading What Christmas Specials Do you HAVE to Watch Every Year?