10 Things I Want From Kingdom Hearts 3 (NEW VERSION)

Long ago, I wrote about what I hoped to see from Kingdom Hearts 3, but since several new trailers have been released alongside E3 2018, not to mention the past releases, we've learned a lot, so it's time for me to update, massively. If you're curious, here's the old link.  I loved Kingdom Hearts. I … Continue reading 10 Things I Want From Kingdom Hearts 3 (NEW VERSION)

Top 5 Christian Laments

I don't think there are enough laments in Christian music. Christian radio seems obsessed with the theology of empowerment and happy thoughts. While God is certainly good and while we do have victory in his name, happy songs alone give and incomplete and even dishonest picture of the Christian life. But what is a lament? … Continue reading Top 5 Christian Laments