Intro to Anime: Terms You REALLY Need to Know

So you’re ani-curious, are you? The first bit of good news is that nobody uses the term ani-curious, so you’ll never hear that stupid dribble again. However, you might hear a lot of baffling words and phrases that are simply part of the medium. Anime is its own culture, and it can be a confusing place for newbies.

Lucky you, I have a whole list of weeb lingo so that you can…

  1. Understand anime better.
  2. Pretend you understand anime better.
  3. Avoid loli hentai dubs.

Some words are anime-exclusive, others have been grabbed in the alley and forced into anime shapes. Have fun!


Anime: The loveliest of animations. May or may not include Avatar and Teen Titans.
Manga: The book the anime destroyed.
Subs: Anime in its original Japanese with English subtitles. Like them or get shot by the fandom.
Dubs: Anime voiced over by English-speaking actors. Also known as the funniest thing ever.
Harem: 5 to 1000 girls all love a man with no personality. He sleeps with none of them. Except in School Days. Oh, School Days
Hentai: Porn. It’s everywhere.
Ecchi: Softcore porn. It’s even more everywhere.
Isekai: A guy is transported to another world to show off how awesome and sexy he is. Totally not escapism for the creators.
Mecha: Chicks dig giant robots.
Magical Girl: Cute girl saves the world with ancient magic and friendship. Go get popcorn during the transformation sequences.
Horror: The least-scary anime.
Romance: Two people blush for 21 episodes, finally confess in the finale. No kissing.
Good Romance: Two people blush for two episodes, confess by the third, and have a freaking relationship for pity sake.
Light Novel Adaptation: It was a book that was pretty much fanfiction of itself, but people liked it, so now it’s a show.
Comedy: Turn down the volume or watch at your own risk.
Shounen: A boy show. Lots of shirtless men with big muscles screaming. Also see “Yaoi.”
Shoujo: A girl show. Lots of shirtless men with no muscles moaning. Also see “Yaoi.”
Yaoi: Gay. Take a shot.
Yuri: Girl gay. Take 2 shots.


Kuudere: Expresses her love by ignoring you and reading a book. Do. Not. Interrupt her.
Deredere: Expresses her love by snapping your neck with a flying hug.
Undere: Expresses her love by putting a bullet in her head because you asked her to.
Yandere: Expresses her love by putting a bullet in everybody else’s head because she thinks you asked her to.
Tsundere: Expresses her love by putting a bullet in YOUR head because you asked for it.
Loli: Expresses her love by being 11 years old.
Little Sister: Expresses her love by being YOUR FREAKING SISTER YOU GUTTER TURD!
Onii-Chan: The Gutter Turd.
Senpai: An older student. May or may not be God Incarnate.
Student Council: They live on Mount Olympus and rule the world with violence.
Transfer Student: A plot with legs.
Parents: People who don’t exist.
Teenagers: People who save the day every time.
Children: People with the absolute worst voice actors.
Mascot: If Pikachu can sell a show, so can any cat-like creature.
Pervert: The comic relief character. No joke. Just sad truth.
Harem Protagonist: A poor creature born without a personality, doomed to be adored by hot girls for the rest of his life. Light a candle for this tragic soul.


OP: The opening song and animation. It’s either the best part of the show or the worst part of the show.
Baka: You, because you made me feel feelings for you. Idiot. Baka. 
Beach Episode:
 Writing a plot is hard. Just put boobs in skimpy swimsuits, the fans will love it. Where do I cash my check?
Filler: See “Beach Episode”
High School: Everything. Life. The summation of existence.
Friendship: The most powerful substance in the universe. So potent it can only be used in the deepest of plot holes.
Fan Service: Do you like boobs? You do now.
Man Service: Do you like man abs? You do now.
School Club: It would control your entire life, but you don’t have enough members.
Food: Edible materials that induce orgasms.
Breasts: Magic air pockets immune to both gravity and physics. May be used as weapons.
Nosebleeds: A terrifying epidemic that occurs when Japanese men see nudity.
Mom Hair: The over-the-shoulder braid that invites death by Episode 3.
Otaku: Anyone who made it this far in the list, ya nerd.

I’m positive I missed a bunch, so give us some more in the comments!

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