The 2 Voting Options American Christians Don’t Know They Have

To vote for Trump or vote for Biden? Are these really the only two options we Americans have? The common Christian seems to think so.

But this seems to say that Jesus is either a Republican or a Democrat, and I don’t think that the same Christ who loved Jerusalem (Luke 13:34), yet flipped tables in the temple (John 2:13-16), is quite so binary.

Jesus is nuanced, which means Christians can be, too. That means we have options. Sure, we can go Elephant or Donkey without allegaince to either, but did you know, dear Christian, that Jesus lets you do even more?

Here are two voting options I haven’t seen many Christians discussing.

Option One: Vote Third Party

“But that person can’t possibly win!”

Is that why we vote? To win earthly power? You know, for a religion that glorifies standing up for Christ in the midst of an evil world, we’re really not keen on going down with the ship.

Jesus died on the cross. Should the disciples have not stuck by him after all? Remember, in God’s kingdom, “failure” is often the road to victory, and the foolish things of this world are made wise (1 Cor 1:27). What if we lost the election, but strengthened Christianity within America?

Many Christians will say, “But if our guy doesn’t get into office, or if the other guy does, Christianity is done for!” If you’re voting to set up a powerful protector, I would kindly point you to the books of Judges, 1 Samuel, the Kings, and the Chronicles to see how well that worked out before.

Jesus cannot be stopped. Ever. Countless beliefs and anti-beliefs have tried, and they have always failed. And if you’ve read the Bible, you know that Jesus wins in the end. So why do we fear man? Jesus said that if fear is your motivator, remember that God is far scarier than people (Matthew 10:28).

Vote for someone you believe in, and if they fail, remember that Jesus won’t.

Option Two: Don’t Vote At All

“But that’s un-American!”

Yes, it probably is. But Jesus says the first and greatest commandment is to love the Lord with all your heart, soul, mind, and strength (Matthew 22:37). If you’re doing that, then America gets your leftovers, nothing more.

To say that American loyalty is our utmost priority is to forget this. Jesus is our king, nobody else. Personally, I believe God is testing us right now, to see if his people will choose America or God. Because contrary to popular belief, the two are not intertwined.

America will fall one day. Jesus will not. So why should we put our stock and hope in power that will one day fade, no matter how hard we struggle to keep it?

As Christians, we may go along with America as long as she walks the path of God. But if she demands something that God does not, then we are free to refuse. I do not mean that it is “more holy” to not vote, only that it’s a perfectly acceptable option to the Christian whose ruler is not the president.

And if you still feel uncomfortable not voting, that’s okay. I humbly refer you back to the option of voting third party. You don’t have to compromise.

One More Time

You don’t have to vote Republican. You don’t have to vote Democrat. You have more options because God is not so easily boxed in as a vote is. And as a side note, you can agree with Republican principles and choose not to vote for Trump. You can also vote for Biden while hating Democratic ideals. Or vice-versa. The two-party absolutes benefit the two parties, that’s it.

And it’s certainly not a Christian edict. You can vote third party or skip voting altogether if your conscience prickles you.

How? Because you, dear Christian, know that Christ is your king, that no matter what horror or discomfort the other side may throw at you, Jesus still rules. In fact, that’s how Christianity first came to power: through the persecution of the early church.

Choosing Jesus first gives you the freedom to shake off the political games that are crippling our faith and our country. Your only obligation is to Christ. You don’t have to defend your party because you don’t need to have a party. You don’t need to make excuses for your leaders because you can change allegiances as fast as you need to. Christ is your only constant, and he never ever fails.

A lot of Christians talk about having “brave” beliefs. You want to be brave, my Christian friend? Say no to both the Left and the Right. And when they both point their guns at you, proudly declare that Jesus is king.

Because that, my friends, is the only vote that really, truly matters.

One thought on “The 2 Voting Options American Christians Don’t Know They Have

  1. There are things that bother me about both parties. I think both sides are guilty of thinking their side is somehow more Christian when both parties are far from it. Both with me it comes down to the person. In this case, it shocks me how the Evangelical Right defends Trump. He shows no fruits of the Sprit. Though I haven’t agreed with all his decisions in his political career, Biden is a good, decent, kind man. He is at church every Sunday and a man of faith. Trump… not. That made the decision for me and I am voting for Biden.

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