Surprise Announcement: A New Partner

It’s time for an announcement I never thought I’d make: I’m adding a writing partner!

This is weird because writing is such a solitary act, not only in the actual writing, but also the branding. An author may collaborate with someone, but they tend to be their own entity.

But you know what? I write books about superheroes with murder powers, or dragons fighting giants in Depression-era Illinois, so “normal” is not exactly my style.  

And after five years of running a bakery together, my wife and I looked at each other and said, “Y’know, we collaborate well.”

Diana has been my first sounding board for well over a decade, listening to all my worst ideas so that I can hear myself say them out loud and swap them for ideas that don’t suck. However, as time has gone on, she’s been learning more about the writing process, and even contributing more and more to the books I’ve written.

In fact, some of you know my story Dodecon that’s in draft number infinity. She’s added so much to the plot and world that it would be actual stealing to put only my name on the front.

More importantly, after reading a couple of absolutely horrible romance books, we started joking about how we’d make a better one.

So we are.

We’re currently writing a new novel together, and we’re loving it. And you know what? We’ll probably keep doing it. Better still, while I am more of the storyteller, Diana is the one who actually talks about those stories in public. Like a crazy person who isn’t aware of all the horrible things that could happen if you talk about the book you’re writing!

After talking and praying, Diana and I decided to go in on this dream together. We’re going to be sharing a platform, writing together, marketing together, and making up for each other’s weaknesses. I’m a good writer, able to spend countless hours hammer out a novel with some clever ideas and funky-dunky word choices. She’s a natural hype-raiser who loves connecting with an audience. We’re each teaching each other and growing together, like we’ve been doing for thirteen years this July.

So you’ll be seeing some changes for the better.

The biggest thing is that we will be going by a pen name for our cowritten works: M. D. Blaylock. Almost sounds like a DJ.

This means changing the names and pictures on all Michael A. Blaylock social media. I will likely still write solo novels under my own name, and she has an idea or two herself, but we’ll still chillax under the same umbrella.

And finally, one last big detail: this website will be changing. We are working on the details, but “Fencing with Ink” isn’t quite me anymore, not in way it used to be. I, Mike, will probably still be the blogger, and the heaviest writer, but Diana brings a lot of great ideas, and a delightful presence I know you’ll all love because she’s done it before. We’ll give more details as they come.

Like I said, it’s an odd change. I thought this would be a solo habit forever. And adding my wife to a creative endeavor? Isn’t that…kinda silly?

No, it’s not. I’m excited to show you guy how she’s already made Dodecon stronger. I’m excited to share the story we’re making together. I’m excited to learn from her how to better connect with you guys.

Why remain apart when we’re stronger together?

Welcome, Diana Blaylock. Let’s make some worlds.


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