What is this blog about?

It’s all about better Christianity, both in art and in life.

On the artistic side, Christianity is so much more than corny messages forced into the shape of a book, movie, whatever. Christians should be producing the best art because of our creator’s call to be creative ourselves, and while the Christian underground artists are rising to the surface, there’s a long way to go. This blog is about pushing better Christian art, even if it doesn’t look like Christian art at all.

And in real life, we need a better God than the one who judges failures and puffs up the powerful. Fortunately, Jesus is that better God, we’ve just buried him under our own comforts. This blog is about cutting away that comfortable religious sheen and getting to the true God of the Bible, the wild, clever, dangerous, beautiful, hilarious Jesus you probably never knew.

In everything I do, I want to show Jesus in some way, whether overtly or subtly.

What’s with the Title?

I’ve always identified with two figures who use rapiers: Cyrano de Bergerac, and the Red Mage from Final Fantasy games. If you think that’s nerdy, welcome to my blog.

Cyrano was a man who claimed to be everything and tried his hardest to be. He fought for art, love, friends, philosophy, whatever was important. The Red Mage is the jack of all trades, master of none. He has swords, magic, speed, and skill, but he’s not an expert in any of them.

Such am I, a generalist with a foot in a hundred camps, and quite happy to be so. Rather than focus on any one specific thing, I enjoy a little bit of everything. And like both characters, I feel the need to fight. I have no sword, but I have a pen, and you know what they say about that duel.

This blog is called Fencing With Ink because it’s what I do, and this blog is an extension of me.

Who Am I?

I’m Michael A. Blaylock, call me Mike, Mr. Blaylock, anything but Mikey. I’m a fiction writer with more ideas than time. I’m a Christian and an art-lover. These are my thoughts. I write about two main topics: the R-Rated God of the Bible, and art in its many forms, particularly from a writer’s perspective. 

This site is for a lot of people: Christians who are tired of the same stuff, non-Christians who are curious about this God person, artists and creators, and my five fans who want to know more about me and my work. Click Here to read more about my published writing and ideas I have for the future.

And if you want the latest news my writing or even get the chance to give feedback on early projects, not to mention a monthly roundup of my blogs, subscribe to my newsletter and receive a free book in the process. You can also follow me on Twitter: @fencingwithink.

If you’d like to contact me for any reason–whether you’re a fellow artist looking for a companion, or just someone having a really bad day–send me an email at fencingwithink@gmail.com.

Let’s have some fun.





20 thoughts on “About

  1. Hey bro,

    Hello there,

    I’m Justin of MomentMatters.com. I’m excited to inform you that Moment Matters is re-launching with new features and design!

    Along with it, I’m compiling a free e-book about the Greatest Articles and I’m featuring excellent comments. Your thought in “Weddings: Waste of Money?” is a standout! I’m asking permission if I could include your words in the book?

    All the best,
    Justin G. Bautista


      1. The free e-book “Greatest Articles | Moment Matters”, featuring your comment, is out now! You may download it in Nook, Kobo, ePUB or PDF format here.



  2. Hey! nice blog. Frank Peretti spoiled me too. Coincidentally, I live in Idaho by where he lives and a lot of these rural towns up here feel exactly like I am in one of his books. The man knew his subject matter! I struggle with depression right now and I always remember his books and wonder how much of a spiritual warfare is being waged and I have come to be very careful to have very intentional thoughts and make sure every little action I take is biblically backed up. Even though his books were fictional they still are helping me on my journey. I’m excited to see another good christian writer out there. 🙂


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